Sunday Reads 1/26/20

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OPI Krona-logical Order Swatch

Sunday Reads 1/26/20

Man, this weekend flew by so quickly, and I feel like I haven’t even done anything. I’m slowly decluttering my beauty collection, and one of the things I’m working on right now is nail polish. I purged most of it a couple of years ago, but haven’t touched that corner since. It seems like I somehow accumulated an entire drawer of nail polish, and I’m definitely not using most of it. That’s when I spotted a few pieces from OPI Iceland Collection, which was one of my favorite releases from the brand, back when it first came out. It was so dark and moody and had some gorgeous deep hues that I really enjoyed wearing. However, as it turns out, dark polishes are not really my thing anymore. I’ve been reaching either for nudes, pinks, sometimes reds, or forgoing painting my nails altogether. Here I’m wearing OPI Krona-logical Order a plummy greige creme that used to be one of my go-to shades. OPI formula doesn’t age as quickly as some other brands, so it still applied smoothly and evenly. As much as I love the gorgeous glossy finish and perfect, even-toned coverage, I think it’s time to let it go.

OPI Krona-logical Order Swatch

OPI Krona-logical Order

Meanwhile, here are my favorite blog posts of the week!

1 // Why I Love Getting Older: 7 Reasons Getting Older is Pretty Great by Thirteen Thoughts – An empowering read from one of my favorite lifestyle bloggers. Paula and I don’t officially know each other, but I always enjoy her content and comment from time to time.

2 // What’s The Deal With Australian Sunscreen? by Lab Muffin – Michele is at it again with a super informative skincare research post. This time I learned why your favorite SPF50+ sunscreen could be marked as a measly SPF15 in Australia.

3 // You Don’t Need More Things In Your Life. You Need Different Things. by Becoming Minimalist – Sometimes what we need and what we think we need are very different things.

4 // Advertising is Making You Unhappy by Becoming Minimalist – It’s a little ironic that I’m sharing this link on a blog where I often advertise various products, but I feel like it’s important for all of us to acknowledge that we don’t need every shiny new thing. Even if your favorite blogger says it’s the best. 🙂


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