Sunday Reads 1/19/20

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Sunday Reads 1/19/20

This year I am decluttering more than just my home – my digital space could really use some tidying up as well. Over the next few months, my goal is to finally tackle that overflowing camera roll, organize my contacts and emails, those messy laptop folders full of random files [uhh, good luck with that one, am I right?], my newsletter subscriptions, and so on. The first thing I started with was my Bloglovin’ feed. I used to follow over a thousand different blogs on there, but only a small number of them are still getting updated. It’s a little bit sad, but totally understandable: people move on with their lives or no longer feel passionate about topics that seemed fun 5-10 years ago. I do hope blogs will make a comeback though because I truly enjoy reading them.

Today I wanted to share some of the recent reads from my feed that I thought you might like.

1 // How to Stop Buying Clothes You Never Wear by Simply & Fiercely – Jennifer makes some excellent points about emotional shopping that digs deeper than your basic formula of “having a bad day = buying bad stuff”.

2 // How Many Towels Do You Need? by Becoming Minimalist – Good question, I don’t think I ever really thought about it. What about you, guys?

3 // Fresh Spring Look with the Estée Lauder Act IV by The Beauty Look Book – I know I’m on a beauty no-buy, but dang this collection is gorgeous and I want everything! I will live vicariously through Sabrina for now.

4 // Chemical Exfoliants as Deodorant? The Science of Smelly Armpits by Lab Muffin – I used an AHA toner as a deodorant a few years ago after reading some studies on the skin biome, and I swear, it actually works! Unfortunately, due to recent hormonal changes, my biggest problem is perspiration right now, so I still have to use antiperspirants. This is a good read if you’re into skincare science.

Have a great Sunday!