Stitch Fix July 2016 Review

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Stitch Fix July 2016 Review

Alright guys, before you even scroll down I want to apologize for the terrible photo quality which is average at best. I wasn’t planning on writing this review at all, but then figured what the heck, let’s do this! I haven’t scheduled a fix in a long time, and finally got one for the summer. Here’s what I received!

Stitch Fix July 2016 Review Stitch Fix July 2016 Review Stitch Fix July 2016 Review


In a nutshell, Stitch Fix is a personal shopper service – for a $20 styling fee a specially designated Stitch Fix stylist will put together a package full of fashionable items, all according to your style profile. This fee will be applied as a credit toward anything you keep from your shipment, and if you choose to keep it all, you will get an extra 25% discount. Keep what you like, and send back everything you don’t want within 3 days in a convenient prepaid envelope. You can choose either to get a one-time fix, or to subscribe on a monthly basis. Click here to check it out

Stitch Fix July 2016 Review


1 // Collective Concepts Kayce Dress – Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to squeeze into this dress, but even if I could I think I would still send it back. The fabric was non-breathable and had zero stretch to it, so it felt very uncomfortable around my chest and the upper arm area. Plus, I am just not drawn to this type of pattern, even though they’re in right now.

2 // Kut From The Kloth Dayna Skinny Jean – These jeans fit me like a glove, they were stretchy, hugged in all the right places, and just felt incredibly comfortable. So far I loved everything I was sent from Kut From The Kloth brand, it’s like they “get” my hourglass shape. However, I decided against keeping these for two reasons: A) I already have a pair that looks exactly like these, and B) I started a very strict diet around the time when the box arrived, so I knew the jeans will be too big in a week or two anyway. I was right, because I lost 20 lbs since! Actually, now I only have 2 pairs of pants that fit 🙂

3 // Skies are Blue Marcos Crochet Neckline Top – Loved the bright coral top of this top and the liughtweight breezy material, but the crochet part reminded me of my grandma’s night gown, no kidding. No offense to anybody who loves this design, but it’s just not my thing at all.

4 // Pixley Rayder Flutter Sleeve Top – How cute is this top?? I couldn’t get enough of it! The top can be worn off the shoulder, too, which makes it look extra chic. I wasn’t a huge fan of the ultra boxy straight bottom, which I guess was designed to be tucked in. However, I happen to have long torso so the bottoms would need to be high waisted, which is not the most flattering design on me. I really wanted to keep it, in fact I even told you on Snapchat that I was keeping it. However, when it was time to check out on Stitch Fix website, I decided to pass on it.

5 // Zad Silver Bar Necklace – This necklace was lovely, but just like the jeans it’s something I already have, except mine is from Gorjana.

Stitch Fix July 2016 Review


As you can see, I didn’t keep anything, but I am honestly impressed how well my stylist knows my taste. She had no way of knowing I dislike that dress pattern and the floral crochet neckline, but now she does so I can rest assured I won’t get similar items again. I am thinking of purchasing another fix for fall, maybe around my birthday 🙂

Have you ever purchased a Stitch Fix or another styling service? Do you like any of the items I received? Let me know in the comments below!