The Future of Skincare: Solomomo Skin Wand Review

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Solomomo. Product samples were provided to facilitate this story, but the opinions and text are all mine.

The Future of Skincare: Solomomo Skin Wand Review

While I obviously love blogging about beauty, there are special moments that make my hobby particularly exciting. Sometimes I see a product and before I even have a chance to try it out, I already know this is the future of the industry and I am are among the very first to experience it. I had this feeling with Solomomo Skin Wand, a brand new at-home device and service that tells you the truth about your skin and the products you use.

The Future of Skincare: Solomomo Skin Wand Review The Future of Skincare: Solomomo Skin Wand Review

I feel like life in general is becoming more personalized in many ways. Music streaming services recommend new tracks based on things we already have in our library, the advertisements we see online are often based on our search history, the popularity of Korean skincare is majorly due to its highly customizable nature, and who can forget personalized drinks at the coffee shops? I’m guilty of having my own latte recipe that I always ask for 🙂 Those are all the luxuries our parents didn’t have growing up, and we’re about to have even more!

With the release of Solomomo, the beauty industry is taking another leap forward by allowing consumers to evaluate their skin objectively and accurately and gauge the effectiveness of their beauty products. Are you exfoliating enough, or too much? Is your skin properly hydrated? Does your serum really reduce those fine lines? I asked myself these questions numerous times over the years, and a lot of the time it’s impossible to know, but Solomomo can actually give you the answer.

The Future of Skincare: Solomomo Skin Wand Review The Future of Skincare: Solomomo Skin Wand Review


The name Solomomo stands for “solo moment“, a time you take for yourself to enjoy the pampering experience. Co-CEO Cindy Engstrom explains the concept as a device & service that would help “women to feel great about themselves and the investments they make in continuing to look great.” Preach, girl!

Armed with an array of lights of different wavelengths, Solomomo Skin Wand captures dermatologist office level pictures of the skin and creates an unbiased report that can give you an idea if the products you are using are doing any good. The Skin Wand works by evaluating 15 different markers and offers a more complete skin analysis than has ever been available through any at-home beauty device before. The technology will also include a mobile app that men and women can use to virtually sample beauty products without having to go to the store. How cool is that?

The device is available for pre-orders ahead of the launch, and you can snag it at 50% discount here.

The Future of Skincare: Solomomo Skin Wand Review


I was very excited and at the same time a little intimidated to try the Skin Wand. After all, we all know what those ultra-magnifying mirrors can do to our confidence, and this one is several times as powerful. However, I recently started using a new eye cream and was curious to know if it’s doing a good job hydrating my skin and keeping fine lines at bay, so that was my primary concern. I also wanted to see a close up of my nose and chin and take a look at those pores, because no matter how often I exfoliate, it seems like there’s no improvement whatsoever.

  1. Turn on the device. No rocket science here, I plugged it into an outlet and the screen lit up.
  2. Choose “Skin Wand” on the touch screen menu. This activates the Skin Wand attachment and you can begin exploring your face and gasp at those extreme close ups. Intimidating experience at first, but also oddly satisfying.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions by pressing the wand against the area of your face shown on the display. That was easy enough.
  4. Press and hold the round gray button on the Skin Wand attachment until the scanning of that area is complete. This is the coolest part of the process where you get to see your skin in different light wavelengths. I can not unsee the hyperpigmentation spots hidden beneath my skin, they are completely invisible on the surface! Sounds like someone here needs more retinol and stronger sunscreen 😉
  5. Receive your personalized skin report and product suggestions.

I can think of a number of people in my life [mostly women], who would love to receive this device as a gift. Pretty much every girl I know is wondering if her skincare is working, and it’s especially important to me as a beauty blogger for product evaluation. Imagine how much more informative my beauty reviews would be if I could literally show you before and after closeups each time I test a new serum or moisturizer.

The Future of Skincare: Solomomo Skin Wand Review

Your Solomomo experience does not end with the Skin Wand. The company has plans to expand into retail by introducing the Smart Mirror in-store experience, as well as smart Tweezers for perfect brows, Trimmer, Clippers, and Blood Pressure monitor for at-home use [each sold separately]. I am particularly excited about the Smart Mirror, so every time I walk into a store equipped with one of these, a trained sales associate will be able to help identify the problem and choose the right product based on the current condition of my skin. Remember when Sephora’s Color IQ first came out? If you’ve ever done a foundation match, you know how fun it can be, and now we get to benefit from a smart device that makes picking out a personalized skincare regimen, too 🙂

The more I personalize my skincare routine, the more excited I am about the future. Knowing that I am not wasting money on products that don’t work is empowering in many ways, and gives me a peace of mind so I can focus on more important things in life.

Pre-order your own Solomomo Skin Wand for $99 [$199 value] at

The Future of Skincare: Solomomo Skin Wand Review

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Do you want to find out if your current skincare routine is producing results? What do you think about Solomomo Skin Wand; is it something you’d like to buy for yourself or receive as a gift? Let me know in the comments below!

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