Snakku February 2020 Tasting Box Review

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Snakku February 2020 Tasting Box Review

Snakku February 2020 Tasting Box Review

Snakku subscription comes in two sizes, and in February I opted in for the lighter version since I already had plenty of other snacks at home and didn’t need 3lbs more on top of that. In this review, I will be covering Snakku February 2020 Tasting Box, which includes most but not all of the curated snacks that were featured this month. Naturally, the box was Valentine’s Day themed, so I kind of expected it to be heavy on the sweets, and it did not disappoint!


Every month Snakku subscribers receive a selection of hand-picked artisan-made snacks from Japan. The boxes come in two sizes – Signature Box and Tasting Box. Signature Box contains an assortment of 20-25 snacks and costs $38.95, it also ships worldwide. Tasting Box contains 5-7 seasonal snacks, costs $16.95 and ships only to the US. Click here to check it out.

Snakku February 2020 Tasting Box Review

Tokyo Rusk Square

Snakku February 2020 Tasting Box Review

Strawberry Kirara

Snakku February 2020 Tasting Box Review

Chocolate Senbei


These specialty snacks were sourced from local shops and are hard to find outside Japan.

1 // Tokyo Rusk Square – I won’t lie, when I saw how small this little bread square was, I was left a little disappointed. It’s the size of a sugar cube! However, this tiny rusk was bursting with strawberry & white chocolate flavor, and I couldn’t believe how perfect this single bite turned out to be. I wish I got more in the box.

2 // Strawberry Kirara – These cookies are filled with whipped cocoa butter and freeze-dried strawberries to preserve the flavor and nutrients of the berries. They’re sold at the famous Fuubian shop in Kyushu and constantly sell out. My cookie was sweet, satisfying, and absolutely delicious – it was easily one of my favorite things in this month’s box.

3 // Chocolate Senbei – I tried this one before, and although I don’t remember what I’d thought about it last time, I didn’t really like it much. The chocolate coating is fantastic but the crispy senbei cracker inside had a strong toasted sesame seed flavor, and the two just didn’t go well together. Perhaps if the sesame flavor was milder I would like it more.

Snakku February 2020 Tasting Box Review

Ebi Shrimp Senbei

Snakku February 2020 Tasting Box Review

Bourbon Crisp


These snacks are popular in Japan and abroad, and are much easier to find at Asian markets and online.

4 // Ebi Shrimp Senbei – I like trying new senbei and often to buy them on Amazon. They are usually flavorful and satisfying and don’t contain too many calories or fat. This one was delicious and very shrimpy – even fooled my cat into thinking I had actual seafood there!

5 // Bourbon Crisp – This snack wasn’t on the card but looks like it replaced a chocolate-filled biscuit cookie that was supposed to be in my box. This crispy wafer was delicious, but I still would have preferred the cookie, so I was a bit bummed.

6 // Vegetable Crackers – Delicious! I like veggie chips in general and these were great! They weren’t greasy at all, tasted very fresh, crispy, and were packed with flavor. Additionally, the bag had more chips than I wanted to eat in one sitting, so I even managed to get two snacks out of it. I would happily have these again.

7 // Chocolate Rusk – Twice baked baguette dipped in scrumptious milk chocolate – what’s not to love? Although it was a popular snack and not the featured monthly snack, these yummy rusks topped the charts in February. I got two in the box, and could easily eat 10 more, that’s how much I loved them.

Snakku February 2020 Tasting Box Review

Vegetable Crackers

Snakku February 2020 Tasting Box Review

Chocolate Rusk

These snacks from Snakku February 2020 Tasting Box lasted me about a week, but I was being intentionally mindful of my serving sizes. I’ve been trying to eat more whole foods and less [but higher quality] snacks, so every day I fill up a tiny dish with assorted little cookies, crackers, nuts, dried fruit, and candy to munch on throughout the day. Seeing my entire daily snack allowance on one plate really helped me reduce my snacking to a reasonable amount. Before, I could an entire big bag of chips and not think twice about it, and now I can be easily satisfied with just a single flavorful cookie. But I digress… I’m glad that I got Snakku February 2020 Tasting Box and not the Signature Box because most of the contents were sweets. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against sweets in general, but we already had a big cheesecake that we needed to finish sitting in the fridge, and I also still had chocolate that I brought from my trip to Russia which also needed to be eaten before it expires.

The theme for Snakku March 2020 Box is Boutique Snacks from Tokyo, which will explore local snacks from popular Tokyo shops and small artisan stores. If you order the Tasting Box by March 10th you will receive the Tokyo box. If you order after March 10th, your next box will be the April box. The theme for the April box has not been revealed yet but traditionally Snakku April boxes feature sakura snacks.

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Have you tried Japanese snacks before? Do you buy international snacks or prefer the ones made locally?

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