Sky Organics Bubble Box February 2018 Review

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Sky Organics Bubble Box February 2018 Review

Sky Organics Bubble Box February 2018 Review

I barely blogged in February so I am a little behind on a couple monthly box reviews, but I am really excited to show you what came in last month’s Bubble Box. The box was curated with Valentine’s Day in mind, and contained four sumptuous bath and shower treats to enjoy alone or with your significant other throughout the last few weeks of winter.


Bubble Box from Sky Organics is bringing you new fragrances, colors and fun for just $16.95/month. You are guaranteed to receive at least one bath bomb, one shower steamer, one bubble bar, and a surprise extra item (or two!). All of the products are 100% natural, cruelty-free, and hand-crafted in the USA from high quality ingredients. Click here to check it out.

Sky Organics Bubble Box February 2018 Review


1 // Madly In Love Bath Bomb – This bath bomb had an interesting fragrance, and I couldn’t figure out what it was until I read the description on the website. Apparently, it features notes of lavender, lemon peel zest, sugar cane, fluffy angel food cake and vanilla extract. It’s the angel food cake! That sugary, dessert-like sweetness paired well with lavender and lemon zest, so my bathtub ended up smelling like a bakery. Yum!

2 // Cupid’s Kiss Mini Bath Cake – First of all, it’s a cake! This little bathtub confection is actually a combination of a bubble bar and a bath bomb. The ‘frosting’ fizzes away releasing the fragrant oils, while the ‘muffin’ creates luscious mounds of soft bubbles. According to Sky Organics, Cupid’s Kiss features notes of Japanese grapefruit, Georgia peach, plums, Valencia grapes, rose petals, and Nubian musk. All I know is that it smelled wonderful and very relaxing.

3 // Roses Are Red Bath Bomb – Musk, tea leaves, and rose petals make up the fragrance composition of this heart-shaped bath bomb. I like that Sky Organics introduced different shapes this month, I thought the miniature cupcake and the heart were really cute and added to the fun factor of the products themselves. This bath bomb turns the water red, so at first I was worried that it might stain my bathtub, but I had no issues rinsing it off the sides. I did have to hunt a few rose petals to prevent them from going down the drain though.

4 // Ruby Shower Steamer – I am currently saving my shower steamers to use during the warmer months, because I never take baths in the summer, so I don’t actually know if this one is any good. But if my previous experience is any indication, I am going to love it. According to the website, this shower steamer smells like juicy red grapefruits, so it will be perfect for summer!

Sky Organics Bubble Box February 2018 Review


Another month, and another fantastic Bubble Box! Even though I only managed to try three out of four products, I enjoyed using all of them. I especially loved the cute little cupcake, because it was fun to watch the frosting fizz away. As always, everything in the box smelled wonderful, and it makes me happy to know that all of these products are natural and non-toxic.

Do you ever take baths? Would you buy Bubble Box as a gift for someone special? Let me know in the comments below!

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