Sips By Tea Discovery Subscription Review

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Sips By Subscription Box Review

Sips By Unboxing & Review + $5 Off Coupon!

I’m definitely a tea person and love sampling different kinds of teas! Lockdown 2020 was super boring so I subscribed to several tea discovery services as a way to entertain myself, and one of these services was Sips By. The boxes are loosely curated around a monthly or seasonal theme [think pumpkin spice for fall, etc], but the company uses a very extensive and highly customized questionnaire to tailor your monthly deliveries to your personal taste. Don’t like black tea? No problem, just cross it off the list! Don’t want loose leaf teas and prefer tea bags? Done! Caffeine-free and herbal blends only? You can pick that as well. The quiz is really well done and has a lot of different options so you have enough variety no matter how picky you are.


For $16/month Sips By subscribers receive a selection of teas (enough for 16+ cups) custom-tailored to their taste preference so no two boxes are alike! Not sure how to brew whole leaf tea? Sips By provides a baggie full of tea filters to make it easy and mess-free! Click here to check it out and get $5 off your first box.

For my first box I decided to try a little bit of everything without leaning strongly in any particular direction. For my consecutive boxes I tweaked the settings a bit to have them deliver loose leaf teas only because that’s my preferred brewing method.

August Uncommon Low Country – I regularly buy tea from this brand so I was already familiar with this one. My husband says it has a very manly flavor, whatever that means, but I think he’s onto something here. According to the flavor profile, this blend has notes of bourbon, chicory, buckwheat, and burnt sugar. This tea is certainly aromatic but without leaning floral. We liked it!

The TéSpa Citrus Rose Té – Sometimes herbal blends fall flat but this one was magical! It had a surprisingly high number of ingredients that contributed to its flavor complexity. We’ve got roses, chamomile flowers, oat straw, orange peels, lemon balm, lavender, goji berries, and a dash of stevia. Really sophisticated flavor!

Ahmad Tea Peach & Passion Fruit – This tea was okay. It’s the kind of tea you will find on a tray at a hotel’s breakfast buffet. I don’t mind the added flavors, but Ahmad teas taste too artificial to me, so the only time I would want to have it is if I have no other choices available. So it wasn’t bad, just not my first [or second, or third…] choice.

OLLTco Organic Jasmine Green Tea – Jasmine green tea is among my personal favorites and I knew I would like this one before I even tried it. One whiff was enough to smell the fragrant jasmine petals, and their sweetness was delicately balanced by the slightly bitter taste of green tea. A well-executed classic flavor.

So, what do you think about Sips By? Would you be interested in trying this subscription for yourself to discover new tea blends or are you more of a coffee person? Let me know in the comments!

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