Seasons Box Review: January 2013

So this month I picked up a new subscription called Seasons Box. Although they’re based in Canada, my box arrived at my doorstep pretty quickly [unlike my LUSH order that took forever and one day to come…] and I rushed to check it out.

This month’s theme is called “Soft & Cozy”, so the box is filled with warm and comfy goodies to help melt away the mid-winter grouchiness.

To say that I was impressed would be an understatement, this box literally blew my mind. Everything was so beautifully packaged I couldn’t believe this is really a subscription box and not a carefully wrapped present from someone special. The handpicked items from Thailand were especially exceptional, since Thailand is one of my favorite places on Earth. I instantly recognized the style and the scents of these products and it sure brought me back there to my personal paradise. I had to open my photo album again to reminisce about my Thai vacation. Mmmm… good times!

About Seasons Box:
Seasons Box is an eco-conscious subscription based in Canada. Each month the subscribers will receive a box carefully curated around a certain seasons or special occasion or a holiday. Every box contains 3-5 full size seasonal must-have products for your home, body, and spirit. Each month’s box is tailored to one season (Winter, Spring, Summer, or Autumn), or Seasonal Holidays and Occasions (Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, etc.). At $34.95/month Seasons Box is one of the most expensive monthly subscriptions out there.You can buy boxes one at a time without committing to a full subscription, or choose to subscribe for a month-to-month, 3-, 6-, and 12-months subscription. If you would like to use my referral link, please click here to subscribe to Seasons Box. Thank you!

Important: Right now Seasons Box has a New Year’s promotion where you can buy a 12-month subscription for just $250.00 which will bring the cost of each box down to just $20.83/box [that’s less than a Glossybox!]. You must hurry though, the promotion ends on 1/31 and the price will go back up again. If you decide to subscribe, please use my referral link here. Thank you!

If you like the January box from my review you can still purchase it until the last week of January according to their Facebook page.

Kitira Boutique Hand-Woven Scarf
The scarf is incredibly warm and cozy and honestly if I didn’t find the wholesale price for it I would have thought it’s made by a luxury brand [if you want more details google “Vance Kitira Allison”]. This 100% cotton scarf is hand-woven by members of the hill tribes in Northern Thailand, and hand-dyed with natural products such as bark extracts. I seriously love it and will wear it a lot.

Vance Kitira Hand Poured Cathedral Candle in Caramel Pear
This candle is very pretty and smells very strongly of caramel, which happens to be one of my favorite sweets. I love burning candles, it’s pretty much one of these little things that make the room feel nice and cozy and this is what this month’s box is all about. The candle is hand-poured and made out of premium food-grade paraffin from Taiwan.

Whispering Willow Whipped Shea Butter in Peppermint 
This whipped butter is simply amazing, it’s way more concentrated than the similar products sold at Shea Terra Organics and Shea Radiance. Although it looked all cute and fluffy, it was pretty much brick solid in the jar so I had trouble getting out at first. Since it’s super concentrated, a little went a loooong way; I used it all over my body with a little extra on my dry areas, and even a put a small dab on the lips. Felt just like my peppermint lip balm from eos! I’ve been very impressed with this formula and I hope Whispering Willow gets more customers thanks to this box because their products truly deserve it.

Unearth Malee Thai Herbal Steam Bath Tea
Mmm I love taking baths, and although I didn’t try this one yet I’m really looking forward to some me time some time next week. The concept of bath tea is quite intriguing!

[Bonus] Perfumessence Organic “Breathe” Shower Bath Bomb
I used this as a shower bomb today, and it works like the shower bombs from LUSH. You put it on the bath tub floor and let it fizz quietly while you inhale the awesome aroma of essential oils.

The verdict: Although the actual monetary value of the box ended up being lower than expected, most of these wholesale items are not accessible to regular consumers. I didn’t care that they were bought wholesale as long as I was getting a quality hand-made product. I can see where they’re coming from, as a newer company they’re not exactly swimming in offers from big brands, so I hope all the positive feedback gets them noticed 🙂

Product Retail Value
Kitira Boutique Hand-Woven Scarf $6.00
Vance Kitira Hand Poured Cathedral Candle in Caramel Pear $4.50
Whispering Willow Whipped Shea Butter in Peppermint $8.00
Unearth Malee Thai Herbal Steam Bath Tea $7.95
[Bonus] Perfumessence Organic “Breathe” Shower Bath Bomb $1.64
Box Retail Value $28.09

Disclosure: I bought this.