Scentbird Review – My July and August Fragrances

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Scentbird Review | Costume National So Nude EDP and Tom Ford Velvet Orchid

Are you guys ready for some perfume ramblings? Here we go! Today I wanted to talk a little about two of my latest Scentbird fragrance shipments. Thanks to Scentbird I’ve accumulated a nice fragrance library of perfumes that I love, so this time I decided to try something new and totally outside my comfort zone, so I queued Costume National So Nude EDP [$115 for 1.7 oz, available here] and Tom Ford Velvet Orchid [$115 for 1.7 oz, available here] for July and August. Based on my profile neither of them was suggested to me as the scent I would like, but they are super popular with the public. I had a couple referral credits burning a hole in my account so I thought since I’m not paying for those I might as well take a chance and experiment a little.


For $14.95/month Scentbird subscribers receive a 30-day supply of 100% authentic luxury perfume picked from the pool of fragrances you might like based on your scent preference. Alternatively, subscribers can create a queue of perfumes they want to try and receive exactly what they want. To start your olfactory experience, fill out the survey and get a new vial delivered to you every month. Click here to check it out.


For a limited time only use code BIRD50 to get 50% discount on your first month. If the previous coupon doesn’t work, try GET25 or SCENTBIRD25 for 25% off your first month, or SWEET15 for 15% off.

Scentbird Review | Costume National So Nude EDP and Tom Ford Velvet Orchid

I love Tom Ford’s Black Orchid, so I assumed Velvet Orchid will be very similar. Unfortunately, both the opening and the drydown smelled absolutely horrible on my skin. Described as a creamier and more floral sister to Black Orchid, Velvet Orchid did not play well with my body chemistry. On the first spray it completely numbs my senses, and when it dries down to the heart I can only smell some boozy fermented minty herbs. No bueno!

  • Top notes: Honey, rum, mandarin, bergamot.
  • Middle notes: Orange blossom, heliotrope, orchid, narcissus, hyacinth, rose, jasmine, magnolia.
  • Base notes: Vanilla, sandalwood, balsam, suede, myrrh, labdanum.

Scentbird Review | Costume National So Nude EDP and Tom Ford Velvet Orchid

As for Costume National So Nude EDP, I wanted to try it because I saw how cool the packaging looked. Yep, I’m that person who buys things based on looks, haha! Even knowing that my bottle will just be a decanted vial, I was still intrigued to try it. To my huge disappointment, the fragrance smelled super cheap on me. Like, dollar store clearance bin kind of cheap. It was cloyingly floral, like I melted one of those super basic candles and rubbed it all over my body. Bummer 🙁

  • Top notes: Neroli, caraway, cardamom.
  • Middle notes: Ylang-ylang, tuberose, Damask rose.
  • Base notes: Virginian cedar, patchouli.

Scentbird Review | Costume National So Nude EDP and Tom Ford Velvet Orchid


Well, I admit that Scentbird knows me too well and I should probably listen to their recommendations. The algorithm didn’t think I’d like those scents, and I didn’t. I kind of feel like I totally wasted those credits that you guys gave me by subscribing through my referral link. At the same time I learned my lesson and from now on will probably stick with the recommendations, unless there’s a scent I am absolutely dying to try. So far I totally loved the fragrances that were suggested to me on the site.

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Have you tried Costume National So Nude EDP or Tom Ford Velvet Orchid? Have you tried Scentbird subscription service? Let me know in the comments below!

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