Scentbird – A New Monthly Fragrance Subscription for Olfactory Adventurers + 50% Off Discount Code

pr sample affiliate linksDo you like experimenting with fragrances and wearing one that best fits the mood, or are you faithful to your signature scent? No matter if you’re #TeamVariety or #TeamSignature, Scentbird‘s discovery service will help you discover new favorites based on perfumes you already love.

Scentbird - A New Monthly Subscription for Olfactory Fanatics >> | via @glamorable

For $14.95/month Scentbird subscribers receive a 30-day supply of 100% authentic luxury perfume picked from the pool of fragrances you might like based on your current favorites. To start your olfactory experience, fill out the survey and get a new vial delivered to you every month.
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Scentbird - A New Monthly Subscription for Olfactory Fanatics >> | via @glamorable

For my test run I picked Lalique Amethyst. Lalique is known for manufacturing some of the most beautiful glass vases and figurines I’ve ever seen, but I never had the opportunity to try their fragrances. After filling our my scent profile, I saw that Amethyst came up as one of my choices, and I knew right away I had to smell it.

Scentbird - A New Monthly Subscription for Olfactory Fanatics >> | via @glamorableAmethyst was created by a renowned perfumer Nathalie Lorson and officially released to the public in 2007. This very-berry scent opens up with a sweet and warm burst of blackberry, black currant, and nutmeg; before revealing the heart of peppery rose, ylang ylang, and peony, and setting on the powdery base of bourbon vanilla and musk. Despite its undeniably floral heart, this fragrance is definitely a gourmand, and will delight everyone who likes to smell like something you’d want to eat.

Scentbird - A New Monthly Subscription for Olfactory Fanatics >> | via @glamorable

Even though Amethyst is fairly pricey [$135 for 3.3 oz.], it smells even more expensive than that, and it’s unlike any other fragrance I’ve ever smelled. It’s really unique, in a good way. I think it’s best suited for the daytime wear, maybe even mid-afternoon, when the sun is fully out, so that warmth can further enhance the berrylicious experience. Since Amethyst is an EDP [eau de parfum], it’s fairly potent and lasts a good while, especially on clothing. I got a full 12 hour wear on my skin and my scarf still smells like berries several days later.

TL;DR: My best impression of Amethyst is afternoon tea party in a rose garden. Yep, smells just like that!

Scentbird - A New Monthly Subscription for Olfactory Fanatics >> | via @glamorable

In addition to a 30-day fragrance supply, each new Scentbird subscriber also receives a travel-friendly twist-up vial holder and a pretty velvet pouch in their first shipment. Both the vial and the pouch look like they are well-made, and will last a long time, even with daily use. To replace your vial, simply twist up the middle part and take out the vial, but the new one in, and twist it back down.

Scentbird service left a very good first impression that’s for sure. I enjoyed playing with my fragrance choices on their website, and then getting my first shipment in the mail. The vial holder is a very nice addition and makes it really easy to carry in my purse without worrying about any accidental spills.

What’s your favorite fragrance right now? Would you use a service like Scentbird to discover other scents you might like?

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