Scarred Beauty

Nothing to Disclose

Today as part of Talk To Me Tuesday series, I wanted to talk about scarring. A long time ago I got two very visible scars on my face, one right above the corner of my left eye, and another one above, that goes across my left temple and over the eyebrow. After hearing countless nags from my grandmas that girls shouldn’t have scars or nobody would ever marry them, I became emotionally scarred too, and since then hated having my pictures taken. I also became a huge tomboy, because I felt like I was already damaged goods. That phase lasted almost a decade.

I hated that every single guy I went out with felt the need to ask me about my scars, so I started giving ridiculous replies to change the conversation, like mauled by chupacabra or fell asleep on a fork. For those who asked again, a second date was never an option.

Eventually I got interested in skincare, and that’s when I started looking for treatment solutions. I also started using sunscreen religiously, because it was necessary to prevent the scars from turning red or brown. I feel like it helped, but I may still need to consider a more invasive procedure some time in the distant future [if it still bothers me then of course].

Now, many years later, I’m still conscious of these scars, but I’m finally feeling comfortable having my pictures taken, and also sharing more selfies on the Glamorable! My husband always told me that nobody even notices them unless I point it out, or if the light hits my face at a certain angle. I guess after 12 years together his words finally sank in, because as you might have noticed, I’m adding a lot more selfies to product reviews, showcasing the way they look on the skin. Prior to 2014, you’d be lucky to find one or two, and now they’re almost in every makeup review post. I guess they didn’t lie that a big smile and lots of confidence are the best makeup, even though sometimes I just have to fake it 🙂

Do you have any scars you are conscious of? How are you dealing with them?

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