Ricky’s Cult Crushes March 2017 Box Review | Festival Ready

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Ricky's Cult Crushes March 2017 Box Review | Festival Ready

Hello, dolls! Apologies for the absence on Wednesday, I thought I had time to write a blog post, but ended up entertaining three nights in a row, so I had no time for anything else, really. So let’s jump right into it! As you know, I am a fan of Ricky’s NYC stores, and I blogged about them multiple times in the past. Ricky’s is my one-stop shop when I’m in town for pretty much anything beauty or party related, if I need it in a jiffy. They’ve got everything, from organic lipstick and Korean facial mists, to neon wigs and confetti. Last year Ricky’s launched their very own monthly subscription box – Cult Crushes. With festival season around the corner, March 2017 box was appropriately named “Festival Ready”.


For $11/month, subscribers will receive a curated collection of full-sized and sample-sized products, that will help achieve a particular on-trend look, as well as 10% VIP discount on all purchases at rickysnyc.com. Additionally, each subscriber will get an access code to unlock exclusive online tutorials in which popular beauty influencers demonstrate how to use the products in the box to create the look of the month. Click here to check it out.

Ricky's Cult Crushes March 2017 Box Review | Festival Ready


1 // RickyCare Blotting Papers – A necessity for my combination skin. Blotting sheets are perfect for any kind of humid environment, like an outdoor festival or a concert, when I want to have fun yet still look presentable. To be honest with you, it takes more than 1 sheet to mattify my face, but at least they are inexpensive enough that I never feel wasteful to use 4-5.

2 // Palladio The Definer – This dual-ended jumbo contouring pencil is very convenient. It has a medium brown contour shade on one end and a flattering pinkish highlight on the other, and both are super easy to blend using just fingers. I didn’t have high hopes for the contour part, but it surprised me. After all, I am pretty fair, so for me to find a shade that is ashy, yet not too gray, and definitely not too orange, is hard enough. Palladio nailed it with the right color balance and neutral undertones that can produce a natural-looking contour for those of us with fair to medium complexions. I’ve been impressed with the overall quality of Palladio makeup in the past, and I’m pleased to yet again discover a really good product at affordable price point.

3 // L.A. Girl Lip Glaze in Whimsical – I remember reading a blog post about these lip glazes before. Supposedly, they are pretty good dupes for Too Faced Melted lipsticks, that are sold at department stores and cost a 4x as much. These lippies are highly pigmented and come in an array of fun colors, from bold to neutral. Unfortunately, the shade I received did not look good with my skin tone, so I will have to find it a new home, but I can see why this line has so many loyal fans. At $5 a pop there is no reason not to try one, especially if Too Faced Melteds are on your wishlist but out of your budget.

4 // Floss Gloss Nail Polish in Neon Nacho – I’ve been a fan of Floss Gloss since I got one of their polishes in a Birchbox ages ago. I just love the packaging! The golden ribbed cap reminds me of my mom’s vintage Estee Lauder lipstick that I loved to play with as a kid. Neon Nacho is a very bright neon orange, and I can totally see myself wearing something like this at a festival. Watch those nails glow under the black light!

5 // Inked by Dani Floral Choker – Temporary tattoo is a festival style staple, but these particular floral boho chic designs were not my cup of tea, although I’m sure they will look great on the right person.

Ricky's Cult Crushes March 2017 Box Review | Festival Ready Ricky's Cult Crushes March 2017 Box Review | Festival Ready


I think overall the festival theme was on point. Ricky’s Cult Crushes March 2017 Box felt like it was designed for the young, trendy, festival-going crowd, but most of the products were pretty “tame” even for those of us who prefer to watch festivals via Snapchat stories. My favorite product in this box is the jumbo contouring pencil, to no one’s surprise. Fellow fair-skinned girls will agree that it’s so hard to come by a good contouring shade! I probably won’t use the highlighter as often, so contouring part will be down to a nubbin within a couple of months, hehe. 🙂 I hate sharpening pencils and secretly wish all of them came in twist-up tubes, but I’m willing to wipe the dust off my sharpener for this one, and this is major for me. FYI, all of the products in March box are full size, with a total retail value just under $40.

Do you plan to go to a festival this year? Have you ever been to one before? Let me know in the comments below!

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