Now is the Perfect Time to Hit The Reset Button

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Reset your skincare routine with Olay - via @glamorable #skincare #olay #bbloggers

Get Your Skin Back Into Shape After the Holidays

January was a weird month for me. I am still kinda-sorta feeling like the holidays were just here a second ago, and I need a moment to sit down and catch my breath. On the other hand, I’ve already made my resolutions, put away Christmas decorations, and started a crispy new planner for 2018. Being more organized is one of the ultimate goals for the new year, so last week I spent a couple nights reading tips from organizing pros who always seem to have their life together. I was reminded once again that one tiny mantra can change everything.

Simplicity is key.

I’m not talking about ultra-minimalism, but simplifying things when you can is the biggest step when it comes to staying productive and organized.

I’ll use myself as an example. This year I started with makeup [you can follow my ongoing beauty purge series here], but tossing all of those expired mascaras and lipsticks I no longer wear freed up more than just space in my drawers. With every trip to the bin I felt freer of the clutter and things that I have no use for. It’s that feeling of freedom that helps me stay focused and get stuff done. This past weekend I had the energy to meal prep for the week for the first time in months, and I attribute that to my recent decluttering efforts.

It really doesn’t matter where you start, because simplifying things in general has a cumulative effect on our minds. Even something as simple as getting your beauty routine in order can be a big step to tackling other, more challenging tasks. Uncomplicating your beauty routine even for a short while can lead to surprising discoveries. You may even find out that you don’t need to use so many different products. Remember the days when I thought a 15-step Korean skincare regimen was the way to go? Yeah, I’m done with that now.

Reset your skincare routine with Olay - via @glamorable #skincare #olay #bbloggers

Sometimes, three good products are really all you need. It’s even better when they are affordable and easy to pick up at your local stores. This quick but comprehensive 3-step routine from Olay is the perfect example.


A good cleanser is the cornerstone of any decent skincare routine, and Olay Daily Facials can do more than just clean. These little single-use washcloths gently exfoliate and condition the skin, while removing all traces of makeup and impurities. You just need to add water and lather them up to activate the cleansing solution. I pack a few in my carry-on bag when I travel, because they always come in handy at the airports.


Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Cream is truly an exceptional moisturizer. In clinical tests it performed better than a department store product that retails for $400! Micro Sculpting Cream helps keep the skin look smoother, more even, and more hydrated, while steadily improving the texture and the appearance of lines over time. It’s one of those products that I always recommend to friends who ask about my affordable and effective skincare favorites.


From a young age I learned to always use an eye cream appropriate for my skin type. As I get closer to my mid-30s, I started incorporating products with skin-loving ingredients that can reduce the telltale signs of fatigue. Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream is one of the products that I like to use these days. It’s infused with vitamins, peptides, and color-correcting filters to help reduce the appearance of dark circles and keep my eyes looking brighter and more awake.

Reset your skincare routine with Olay - via @glamorable #skincare #olay #bbloggers

I used the eye cream and the moisturizer during the Olay 28 Day Challenge, and was very happy with the results [you can see my progress here,]- the Daily Facials is a wonderful cleanser to complement them. I think the three work really well together and offer a variety of benefits for smoother, healthier-looking skin. You can purchase these products and any others that suit your preferences and lifestyle at

Using only three beauty products will eventually lead you to realize what your skin is truly craving. Or you may find out that it doesn’t need anything else at all, then why use more stuff? So go ahead, take a break, hit the reset button, and start small. It all adds up in the end!

What are your general tips for staying organized? How many different products do you currently use in your skincare routine? Would you go down to just three? Let me know in the comments below!

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