Rainbow Honey March 2014 Mystery Bag Review, Swatches, Pictures (Talk About Late!)

Umm… yeah… It’s pretty much July now, but I just discovered these pictures of Rainbow Honey March Mystery Bag that I took and never published, and I might as well do it now, just to give you all an idea about the service. Can’t believe I forgot!

Rainbow Honey is an indie nail polish brand, known for their cute glitters. They offer two mystery bag kinds: Mini Mystery Bag for $10 and Large Mystery Bag for $25. The bags can contain a mix of nail polishes, nail treatments, nail art essentials and fragrance, and the value of your bag will always be above what you paid.
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Back in March I decided to try out this subscription and purchased a Mini Mystery Box. I ended up receiving a really nice assortment of items: two cute glitter mini-polishes, a mini-cuticle oil, a sample of hand cream, and a tiny fragrance rollerball.

L to R: The Soiree alone, The Soiree over Essie Bikini So Teeny

The first polish was called The SoirĂ©e, a beautiful mix of navy and teal hex glitters and iridescent glitters of various sizes suspended in a clear base. It went on evenly without clumps, and didn’t take all that long to dry. This color is still in test mode, and is currently not a part of any collection, but Rainbow Honey sent it to us to get some feedback. I chose a bad color to pair it with, I bet it would have looked a lot better over a black or white polish. Here I’m wearing it over Essie Bikini So Teeny.

L to R: All My Stars alone, All My Stars over Zoya Piaf

The next polish was called All My Stars, a mix of star-shaped multi-color glitters, hex glitters of assorted colors and sizes, round glitters of assorted colors and sizes, square glitters of assorted colors and sizes, and iridescent pink and purple shimmer flecks suspended in a clear base. Sounds like there’s a lot going on here, doesn’t it? This glitter was a bit of a pain to work with, I had to fish for the stars and it also went on a little goopy, which made the drying process slower than I like. In the swatches above I’m wearing it over Zoya Piaf.

Top: All The Stars, Bottom: The Soiree

Everyone also received a nice mini-bottle of Nail Honey Cuticle Oil, which is a new product for Rainbow Honey. This oil smells fantastic, and the brush applicator makes it super easy to apply. If I had to describe the fragrance, I’d say it smells like cupcakes with lots of frosting piled on top. Yum!

Lavandula Fragrance Sample

Another cute little sample included in my March bag was this tiniest fragrance rollerball I’ve ever seen, in a fragrance called Lavandula.  Rainbow Honey describes this fragrance as “herbaceous French Lavender brightened with sun-filled citrus notes of Lime, Yuzu, and Sweet Orange”, so it’s not your typical lavender. Imagine having a few lavender sprigs in your hand, and suddenly walking into a room where everything smells like citrus – it’s that kind of lavender. I personally associate this fragrance with a natural bathroom cleaner that I have that smells similar, so when I put it on I can make it seem like I actually did something around the house. Just kidding! [or am I?]

Nail Honey Hand Cream

And last, but not least, we got a fairly large foil sample of Nail Honey Hand Cream. It’s really rich, so it’s best used if you have very dry hands, overnight or during Winter season. Like The Soiree, this product is not part of the official lineup yet, but I really hope to see it for sale some day. I loved the fragrance, it’s the same one as the cuticle oil – cupcakes and cream. I couldn’t stop smelling my hands all day!

So that’s it, this was my embarrassingly belated review of Rainbow Honey Mini March Mystery Bag. I loved nail polish minis because I never seem to use up my full-sized polishes before they dry out, so I might purchase one-off mystery boxes again in the future. The only thing I wasn’t too crazy about was the formula of the star glitter, but I can work with that because I really like how it looks on the nails.

Have you tried Rainbow Honey mystery bags before? What is your favorite brand of indie nail polish?

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