My Secret Crush – Pür Cosmetics Secret Crush Eye Shadow Palette

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I don’t know about you, but I am always excited about all of the newly-released neutral makeup palettes, whether it’s a high-end or a drugstore brand. It’s no surprise that I was utterly stoked to see Pür Cosmetics Secret Crush Eye Shadow Palette, filled with some glorious neutrals perfect for creating a multitude of looks.

Pur Cosmetics Secret Crush Palette Review. Read more at >> | via @glamorableFirst of all – that sturdy rose gold packaging is everything. I mean, I don’t know how many times my eye shadows and blushes got crushed all over my purse because a palette opened up and a pencil or keys rolled in and scratched the surface or something. You’d think I would have learned by now, but I still carry around some of those magnetic clasp items in my side pocket and knock on wood each time. With Pür Cosmetics Secret Crush Eye Shadow Palette spilling wouldn’t be an issue, because the metal case is hard, sturdy, and closes securely with a clicking noise.

Pur Cosmetics Secret Crush Palette Review. Read more at >> | via @glamorableEach palette comes with a large full-sized synthetic eye shadow brush. Usually most brushes that come in palettes are totally useless, but this one is actually quite nice and something I would buy on its own. The wide flat surface of the brush is perfect for depositing the perfect amount of pigment for a wash of color or for packing on opacity, and its slightly domed fluffy edge works really well for blending. The bristles are firm but not pokey, which is what I like in my synthetic brushes. Overall – a winner!

There are eight colors in the palette. From the lightest to the darkest:

  • Whisper – ivory with mostly matte finish and faint hints of white shimmer
  • Lust – rosy cream with matte finish
  • Passion – rose gold with high shine metallic finish [can you hear me breathing heavily?]
  • Muse – chocolate brown with shimmery finish
  • Infatuation – warm bronze with metallic finish
  • Admirer – neutral medium brown with metallic finish
  • Rendezvous – neutral medium brown with matte finish
  • Rumor – charcoal black with matte finish

As you can see from the swatches, not all of the shades have outstanding formulas. I particularly found the last two – Rendezvous and Rumor – to be quite dry and somewhat chalky, but they redeemed themselves when I applied them over primer.

Pur Minerals Secret Crush Palette Swatches. Read more at >> | via @glamorableMy favorite pans in the palette are Passion, Infatuation, and Admirer. Say what you will about those disappointing mattes, but Pür Cosmetics knows how to make outstanding shimmery and metallic eye shadows that can make this whole palette worth it! All three of these felt very luxurious on the skin, providing rich and vibrant pigments, silky smooth coverage, excellent blendability, and many hours of creaseless wear.

Pur Cosmetics Secret Crush Swatches. Read more at >> | via @glamorableOverall, for me this palette was a winner, because even those colors I initially dismissed as duds ended up working well over eye primer. I really have no other complaints, only raves. The sturdy packaging, the full-sized useful makeup brush, the beautiful shimmers – all of these high points will make Pür Cosmetics Secret Crush Eye Shadow Palette a worthy buy for any neutral palette lover.

WHERE TO BUY: $32 USD for 1 palette. Available at Ulta, Pur Cosmetics.

What was the last neutral pelette you bought? Have you tried any products from Pur Cosmetics? Let me know in the comments below!

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