My Experience with PMD Personal Microderm

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I think that goes for most of us in the Northern states, but the skin really does get drier in the winter. My cheeks and chin in particular get flaky and scaly, so I try to fix the situation by using AHAs and physical scrubs. My exfoliating arsenal recently welcomed another member – PMD Personal Microderm [$159 for a kit, available here] – and based on my results so far, it’s here to stay. But let’s start from the beginning…

PMD Personal Microderm review

PMD Personal Microderm was developed as an at-home alternative to expensive salon treatments utilizing the same aluminum-oxide crystals on patented spinning discs. The device works by gently pulling at skin with a vacuum-action that promotes exfoliation, revealing healthy, clear complexion in as little as three uses.

PMD Personal Microderm review

I’m often told that I have perfect skin, but having good skin is hard work for me. My skin is prone to hyper-pigmentation, so even the tiniest blemishes leave long-lasting scars, and that’s the issue I was hoping to address with the help of this beauty device. First time using it was a bit intimidating, but the box PMD Personal Microderm came in had a helpful instructional DVD inside, along with the printed booklet. The kit also comes with an assortment of exfoliating discs for different parts of the body and to customize the intensity of the treatment.

PMD Personal Microderm review

The instructions recommended using the device every 5-7 days, which is what I did. Since my cheeks are always slightly irritated in the winter, I decided to use the grey discs designed for ultra sensitive skin. That first swipe when your skin gets sucked in by the vacuum cup always spooks me at first, and I don’t think I will ever get used to it 🙂 Make sure you don’t glide over the same area twice or you risk getting irritated, over-exfoliated skin. I’ve accidentally done that in the past with physical scrubs and the result was not pretty. Luckily, PMD Personal Microderm leaves pink-ish lines on the skin that fade after a few minutes, so the path is easy to trace.

PMD Personal Microderm review

Despite my expectations, the changes are not visible immediately, or at least they weren’t to me. I even assumed that I must have been doing something wrong, because I envisioned more drastic results. However, about an hour later I looked at myself in the mirror and my face had that healthy radiant glow. Even my cheeks that are normally not pigmented at all had a proper rosy color to them [not flushed!]. I also noticed that my skincare absorbs better, so it probably works more effectively too. Today, three treatments later the acne scars on my chin are less visible [can you tell in the picture below?], and hopefully with regular use I can stave off the formation of any new ones.

PMD Personal Microderm review

I think this goes without saying, but any type of exfoliation must be followed by a generous helping of sunscreen because recovering skin is more prone to sun damage. With so many sunscreens to choose from, protecting your biggest organ is now easier than ever before. I personally love using physical sunblocks with finely milled Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide, because they don’t get absorbed and are easy to remove with oil cleansers.

You can buy PMD Personal Microderm at [use coupon HEART20]Sephora, Ulta, Nordstrom, and other fine beauty retailers nationwide.

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Have you tried microdermabrasion before? Do you prefer physical or chemical exfoliants? Let me know in the comments below!

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