Perlier Shower and Bath Mini Set Review

I love reviewing bath & body products because it’s always easy to tell whether they work for me or not [unless it’s one of those stretch mark creams or anti-cellulite treatments]. This time I’m trying out a bath & body travel kit by Perlier, which includes eight different travel-sized products from four of their bestselling lines: Olivarium, Shea Butter, Honey, and Sweet Almond. 

With so many products in one zipper baggie, I wasn’t sure which one to start with, so I started with the basics – the Shea Butter collection. I used the Intensive Nurturing Body Balm on my hands because that’s what I always do with all body lotions – slather it on my hands first, everything else last [does anybody else do it that way or is it just me?]. For a while I just sat there smelling my hands, enjoying the lovely warm scent of lemons and oranges, before realizing that I actually could go without the cuticle oil this time. To my pleasant surprise, this lightweight lotion moisturized my overdried hands without leaving any sticky residue. So far we have one winner!

Moving on to the next fragrance, the Honey Miel Nurturing Body Balm. The scent reminds me of something from my childhood, but I couldn’t remember what exactly. I thought it might have been the Nivea cream in that blue tin, but I was wrong. Either way, the Honey body lotion is a little runnier than the Shea Butter one, and has a very gentle powdery fragrance. I applied it on my dry feet and some of it on my legs, and they started stinging. I know I’m not supposed to use scented products on freshly shaved skin, so it’s my own fault, but just a heads up to anybody who might want to use it straight out of the shower.

After the stinging stopped, I switched to the product next in line – Olivarium Super Nourishing Body Cream with Olive Oil. Just as the title says, it is very nourishing, and it finished the job for the previous body lotion. Now my feet feel perfectly smooth and soft, and they look visibly better. I have a ton of dry spots in random places all over my body, so this will work well for “spot” treatments 🙂 The consistency is about the same as the Honey lotion, but it feels more emollient and leaves the skin with a subtle dewy glow.

Last but not the least, the lightest of them all – White Almond Moisturizing Body Cream. This lightweight body lotion is ultra-comforting and leaves the skin a little sticky, and after 10 minutes I could still feel it sitting on top of my skin. However, I’m totally crazy for anything almond-scented, so I instantly forgot that last part 🙂

Aside from the fragrances, the body washes were pretty much all the same with the exception of the Shea Butter one, which was extra moisturizing. Despite having combination skin, I love pampering my body with rich formulas, whether it’s body butters or body washes, so the Shea Butter duo ended up being my favorite of the four.

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Have you tried Perlier products before? Do you match your bath and body fragrances?

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