Paul & Joe Beaute Fall 2018: The Moonlight on the Seine

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Paul & Joe Beaute Fall 2018 (swatches & review)

Paul & Joe Beaute Fall 2018 (swatches & review)

I know some of you were looking forward to my review of the new Paul & Joe Beaute Fall 2018 Collection, and finally here it is! I’ve been testing these products over the past few weeks and couldn’t wait to share my thoughts with you guys.


The Moonlight on the Seine collection includes the following products:

  • much requested cat-shaped LIPSTICK CASE N 001
  • 3x new shades of LIPSTICK CS108 La Poete, 109 Artiste, 110 Une Chanson
  • 3x new designs of LIPSTICK CASE CS046, 047, 048
  • 2x new EYE COLOR CS eyeshadow duos – 115 Rayon de Lune and 116 Moonlight on the Seine
  • cat-shaped STICK HIGHLIGHTER in 001 Enticing Moonlight Silver
  • 2x POWDER BLUSH shades – 007 The Right Bank, 008 The Left Bank
  • 3x new COMPACT cases in 019, 020, 021 (same patterns as lipstick cases)

Out of the above I tried everything except for the new blushes and blush cases.

Paul & Joe Beaute Fall 2018 (swatches & review)


In my last review some of the comments made me want to try the eyeshadows, because I was curious to see for myself what the formula is really like. The first thing I noticed was the fragrance – these eyeshadows have a signature fruity-floral scent, similar to what the blushes smell like. As you can see, the new EYE COLOR CS ($28) duos come baked into a single pan, with one dominant color and one darker accent shade.

115 Rayon de Lune is a warm duo that features a happy egg yolk yellow with gold shimmer and a medium brown with subtle rose gold shimmer. The yellow shade was soft and smooth, it was easy to pick up with a finger or a brush and blended effortlessly. The brown shade was much denser, harder to blend, and not nearly as pigmented as the yellow. It did work well as an eyeliner, because it causes zero fallout and sticks to the skin pretty well. As a crease color I found it to be a bit difficult to build up.

116 Moonlight on the Seine is a cool duo that features a soft lilac with silver and lilac shimmer and a dark brownish plum with satin finish. The lilac shade was the absolute standout for me – the way this color performs and feels on the lids is outstanding. It’s soft, easy to pick up, blends like a dream, doesn’t crease, and just feels super comfortable and silky. The dark accent shade was even more dense than the one from 115 Rayon de Lune, and it also worked best when I used it as an eyeliner.

The eyeshadows are formulated with orange flower water, white lily extract, and lavender oil to provide additional skin benefits and enhance sensory experience; just a little something extra to care for the skin while you’re wearing makeup.

Paul & Joe Beaute Fall 2018 (swatches & review)


I was totally new to Paul & Joe Beaute eye shadows, but this was also my first time trying their LIPSTICK CS ($20) formula and it was a hit and a miss.

On the lips, these feel very hydrating and balmy, not like the typical waxy lipsticks at all. They have a comfortable, slippy texture and are really easy to apply. Because of that lightweight texture they don’t last as long and need to be re-applied more frequently to maintain the color and the opacity. On an average day I touch up roughly once every 1.5-2 hours regardless of what my lipstick looks like at the time, but I found that Paul & Joe Beaute lippies tend to start fading considerably past 1h mark.

108 La Poete is best described as a warm wine/berry red with silver and lilac shimmer. For some reason, this shade did not want to apply evenly no matter what I did. You know that area in the center of the lips? 108 La Poete wouldn’t cover it at all, or I would need an unreasonable amount of swipes to do so. It was the only color I had issues with, the other two were great.

109 Artiste is a warm medium red creme, and I actually used it as a blush in a pinch a couple of times. It’s a very flattering shade of red that makes my lips look like a glossy apple.

110 Une Chanson is my bae because it’s the perfect everyday warm beige creme. The color has a hint of peach and rose, so it looks more natural than a straight up brown or beige, even though both of those are considered to be neutral as well. 110 Une Chanson is also the most pigmented of the three lipsticks in the fall collection.

Paul & Joe Beaute infused the formula with multiple beneficial ingredients, like orange flower water, white lily extract, jojoba oil, orange oil, shea butter, and macadamia nut oil. No wonder they feel so balmy and hydrating!

New limited edition LIPSTICK CASE CS ($9) features floral and cat prints, and as a girly-girl and a cat lady I couldn’t be happier. Although the cardboard these are made with is pretty sturdy, I wouldn’t recommend getting them wet.

Paul & Joe Beaute Fall 2018 (swatches & review)

On the other hand, the new cat-shaped LIPSTICK CASE N 001 ($12) is not afraid of water because it’s made with smooth and sturdy plastic.

Paul & Joe Beaute Fall 2018 (swatches & review)

The quality control of Paul & Joe Beaute packaging is truly impressive. All of the seams of the cardboard lipstick cases match perfectly, creating a uniform design. Even the underside of the eyeshadow containers has a print on it.

Paul & Joe Beaute Fall 2018 (swatches & review)

The outer boxes are works of art, too! I had a hard time throwing them away, because they are so pretty.

Paul & Joe Beaute Fall 2018 (swatches & review)

And in case you had any doubt about the company’s attention to detail, I present to you… the pawsies! How cute is that? It’s such a tiny little thing that most people probably won’t even notice because we’re all used to surface level packaging. And yet this little touch cemented my opinion even more – Paul & Joe wants every product to be an experience, something that makes you happy when you use it, or even just look at it.

Paul & Joe Beaute Fall 2018 (swatches & review)


I own probably 50 different highlighters, and not a single shade like this one! Yes I have a few silvers, but none of them have delicate iridescent shimmers that are as finely milled as 001 Enticing Moonlight Silver. Paul & Joe Beaute released several cheek products that had the same cat in a top hat shape, and those were always a hit.

The new STICK HIGHLIGHTER ($30) is formulated with silver, gold, and orange pearl extracts, so it looks natural while adding dimension and dewy glow to the skin. It makes my complexion look healthier and more even, so I actually wear this highlighter on my no-makeup days to add a touch of glow to the high points. Seriously though, it might be my favorite cream highlighter right now! The formula also features jojoba oil, orange flower water, and white lily extract that moisturize and ensure smooth application.

Paul & Joe Beaute Fall 2018 (swatches & review)

All of the swatches are swiped over bare skin, no primer.

Paul & Joe Beaute Fall 2018 (swatches & review)

Zoomed in on the highlighter to show you the shade in all of its complexity. Look at that iridescent rainbow sparkle!


To sum up my review, I’ll name my personal standouts from the collection. New STICK HIGHLIGHTER ($30) is fantastic, because it is a very unique shade and the formula is soft and long-lasting. Another winner is LIPSTICK CASE N 001 ($12), which is cute and sturdy, and will definitely make you smile every time you use it. LIPSTICK CS ($20) in 110 Une Chanson has by far the best formula of the three, and it wears like a lip balm, providing moisture and nourishment to dry lips. And finally, the big lilac shade in EYE COLOR CS ($28) 116 Moonlight on the Seine was glorious! It’s pigmented, easy to pick up with both fingers and brushes, blends well, doesn’t crease, and just looks so smooth and even on the lids.

I hope you enjoyed this review! I had a lot of fun playing with the new Paul & Joe Beaute Fall 2018 Collection, and while not everything worked well for me, there were enough winners to call it a success. Which of these products would you like to try the most? Let me know in the comments below!

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