Spoilers! Ipsy July 2013 Items Revealed

Warning: SPOILERS! Don’t read this post if you are trying to stay spoiler-free!

Ipsy started releasing the spoilers for the July 2013 GlamBag. This little collaboration is for those of us who love guessing what we will receive in our bags before they are even shipped out. Some items are confirmed for sure, others we’re yet to find out. I will keep adding more spoilers and guesses to what they are as soon as they become available.

There is now a wait list, so if you joined after 6/24 you will not be receiving the July bag.
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Spoiler #1
Aaaand we have our first spoiler! I just received an email on my inactive account to resubscribe for July to receive benetint from Benefit Cosmetics. It’s actually a pretty nice product that a lot of bloggers use and love, so I’m excited to receive a spare! What about you?

Spoiler credit: me 🙂
Another exciting news is that from the wording in that email it seems like we’ll be getting FIVE products in our bags again 🙂
Spoiler #2:
And here’s another official public spoiler from Ipsy. These are some sort of chubby lip stains, similar to what POP Beauty, Revlon, Clinique and tarte make, but of course it can be any other brand with similar packaging. I wonder what brand it’s going to be from 🙂

Spoiler credit: Ipsy

So far the best guess is POP Beauty POP Crayon, because it’s officially on Ipsy’s site right now. And because the spoiler text goes: “A pop of perfect color will be yours from sand to sundown.” You can check out the product page here, and maybe “love” it if you really want to get one on your bag.

Spoiler credit: [email protected]

Spoiler x3:
So here’s Ipsy’s official spoiler, which reads: “Sun or city, guard your skin from spots and wrinkles with this instant summer fave!” Well, ladies, clearly it’s a sunscreen 🙂 The question is, which one? Let’s see if we can figure this one out!

Spoiler credit: [email protected]

And the mystery is solved moments after it started! This mystery product is Coola Sunscreen! The retail tube is turquoise blue, but the deluxe samples come in white packaging. Michelle Phan recently shared a picture of herself holding a bottle, and today Coola shared that same picture.

Picture credit: Michelle Phan via Facebook

But the actual product we will be getting is Coola Mineral Sunscreen Rose Essence SPF 20 (pictured below). It’s already on Ipsy’s website and you can go ahead and “love” it on the product page 🙂

Spoiler credit: [email protected]

Spoiler #4:
This is a very unofficial spoiler. Some little birdie, somewhere found a photo on Instagram that got instantly deleted, but Imageshack is a wonderful thing, and the photo re-emerged this morning.

Spoiler credit: Anonymous via Facebook

In the picture above we can clearly see a HOT PINK Ipsy makeup bag with the following products peeking out of it:

Credit for these spoilers goes to a very nice birdie who preferred to remain anonymous.
Thank you!

Spoiler #5:
After yesterday’s spoilers I really feel like I don’t need any more. But this spoiler today served as a confirmation that the Instagram picture was spot on and we can trust the source.

Spoiler credit: Ipsy

This is, without a doubt, a BH Cosmetics California Collection Eye Shadow Palette, and they are already on Ipsy’s website. You can give it some love by clicking here.

Spoiler credit: me 🙂

Spoiler #6:
This is an official Ipsy spoiler that reads: “The perfect pair for summer’s salt air and beachy hair!”

Spoiler credit: [email protected]

Two things above are made by Sexy Hair. The top one is a Soy Renewal Beach Spray and the round can below is probably Weather Proof Humidity Resistant Spray.

Spoiler credit: [email protected]

Spoiler #7:
This spoiler just further confirms what we already knew several days ago: derma e, Demeter perfume, Nailtini and benetint.

Spoiler credit: Ipsy

Spoiler #8:
This spoiler confirms what we already know, a tube-shaped plastic clear pink ipsy bag.

Spoiler credit: Ipsy

Based on the spoilers we have seen so far, our bags will contain any FIVE of the following products:

  • benetint by Benefit Cosmetics
  • POP Beauty POP Crayon
  • COOLA Mineral Sunscreen Rose Essence SPF 20
  • derma e Microdermabrasion Scrub
  • Salt Air Perfume Oil Roll On
  • BH Cosmetics California Collection Eyeshadow
  • Nailtini Straight Up Nail Color
  • Weather Proof Humidity Resistant Spray
  • Soy Renewal Beach Spray

    Are you looking forward to this month’s bag? What items are you most excited to receive?

    I will update this post with more spoilers and clues as they become available.