On My Nails: Bondi Strawberry Fields


Bondi Strawberry Fields Swatch

Bondi Strawberry Fields (does anyone here even remember these guys?)

Does anyone here still remember Makeuptalk forums circa 2011-2013 and Bondi nail polish subscription service? Man, did we get burned on that one, right? Long story short, Bondi started off as an indie nail polish brand, and soon after they launched their core collection, they decided to start a “beauty box” of sorts. Just like any beauty box subscription, the idea is you’d subscribe, receive 3 bottles of mystery nail polish at a discounted price, plus they also included a random beauty goodie as a bonus. I loved their nail polish formula so I was one of the first to subscribe.

First couple of boxes arrived without any issues, but then the company suddenly began experiencing shipping delays and our packages started getting “lost”. Meanwhile, subscribers would get charged for next month’s box without even receiving the current one. Obviously, people were requesting cancellations and asking for their money back because they still haven’t received the products they paid for after months of waiting. Bondi refunded a few people. but eventually, they just shut down and disappeared leaving most of us with no product and no refunds. I think I lost about $40, which is not the end of the world but still sucks.

Here I’m wearing my favorite Bondi nail polish in the shade Strawberry Fields. It’s a very unique shade of soft brick red meets slightly desaturated poppy – the camera captures it somewhat but it looks even prettier in person. It’s beautiful and delicate, and not as much in your face as your typical red nail polish. The formula is still an absolute dream even after 9 years – creamy, fully opaque, and dries evenly. Such a shame this company ended up being a scam, because their products were amazing. I bought every single nail polish color they offered and only one of them was kind of meh – a sheer off-white that went on a bit streaky.

What is the oldest nail polish in your collection? 

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