[OVER] *New Subscription* Orange Glad Unboxing, Review and Giveaway: July 2013

Ever hoped that your favorite food/snack subscription service would come up with a box filled with sweets only? Orange Glad is here to save the day! Started by a group of friends determined to deliver some of the best sweet treats from small gourmet brands to your doorstep monthly, this subscription is quickly becoming a popular choice for dessert lovers.

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About Orange Glad:
For $15/month + $6.95 S&H subscribers will receive a carefully curated box of sweets from gourmet brands and small bakeries. Orange Glad team does all the work to discover great sweet shops around the nation and deliver them right to your door. All you have to do is eat and enjoy. Give yourself or a loved one a gift every month. Everyone deserves something sweet every now and then!
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Special offer #1: Use the code FIRSTBOX10 to get your first box for just $10.

Special offer #2: Use the code GLAMORABLE to get 10% off any subscription plan. For example, if you subscribe for a year, each box will end up being only $11 + S&H.

My box came with a sticker note to the mailman to keep it in the shade (thank you!). All of the perishable foods were tightly wrapped together with two ice packs and inside an aluminum foil-lined bubble wrapper, so they were fairly cool and the chocolate was intact. On the back of the box there is a fun little question that you could write an answer to and post a picture of it to Orange Glad’s social media channels. I thought it was a cute touch, actually 🙂

The box contained a welcome card, a product card introducing the products and the companies, and the ingredient list with best before dates. I wish more food subscription services would do that, because people have all sorts of allergies and sensitivities.

Alice’s Stick Cookies – Signature Cookie Stick
These delicious buttery cookie sticks were the first thing I tried in the box, mainly because they were not wrapped in aluminum foil around ice packs together with the chocolatey treats. With a hint of salty toffee, they were unlike any other cookies I tried so far. They taste just as good as they look in the pictures, and the ingredient list is short and pronounceable 😉
Overall: 5/5
Purchase: Yes

Yummes Complete Peanutbutterness
You know me, I’m not into peanut butter and anything that contains it, so I gave this yummy looking cookie sandwich to my husband. I had to squeeze the details out of him, because his answer to my question “How is it” was a plain short “Good.” Come on, we’re girls, none of us would be satisfied with just “good” for an answer, we want details! I got only two more words out of him before I finally gave up: “creamy” and “sweet”… Yep. I guess it was good, huh?
Overall: 4.5/5
Purchase: Yes?

Fat Witch Bakery Brownie
Fat Witch is a fantastic bakery from New York which specializes, as you already guessed, in brownies.  I had many different brownies before, but none quite like this one. It’s sweet, but not too sweet, moist, but not too moist, dense, but not too dense. It will only make sense if you try one yourself!
Overall: 5/5
Purchase: Yes

Sweet Lydia’s S’more Bites
The peanut butter in graham crackers’ crust didn’t bother me at all, thanks to deliciously sweet marshmallow layer and lots of chocolate coating. These bite-sized desserts are perfect for having with a cup of bitter tea or coffee. I shared them with my husband and brother-in-law who both seemed to love them as well. This is only the second product ever with peanut butter that I actually like!
Overall: 5/5
Purchase: Yes

The Secret Chocolatier Chocolate Bark Samples
We got two different chocolate bark samples to try – white chocolate macadamia nut and sea salt butter toffee. Both sound like the types of flavors I would pick for myself if I walked into a chocolate store with an overwhelming number of options to choose from. The first one I tried was the white chocolate, which used to be my favorite type of chocolate when I was younger. It does seem very high quality, and I never tried macadamia nuts with any type of chocolate before, so this was a brand new epicurean experience for me. I’m way more familiar with toffee and sea salt, and I love tasting them together in sweets. This second chocolate bark was actually more like a toffee bark coated in chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt. It left a glorious salty aftertaste and in my opinion that’s exactly what I have in mind when I think about true gourmet chocolate experience.
Overall: 5/5
Purchase: Yes

[Extra] Twenty Pixels Orange Glad Buttons
This was just a small cute extra included in the boxes. These pins are super adorable, and I will try to find something socially acceptable to pin them on. So far I’m thinking my makeup bag, my notebook or my tablet case.

The verdict: Well, what do you guys think? Did Orange Glad have a successful launch? In my opinion, they did, and if the boxes consistently deliver great sweet discoveries, this just might become an epic must-have gourmet subscription with a mile-long waitlist. Among all of the treats in this box I have two clear personal favorites: The Secret Chocolatier Sea Salt and Toffee chocolate bark and Alice’s Stick Cookies.

Product Retail value
Alice’s Stick Cookies $4.97
Yummes Complete Peanutbutterness $5.00
Fat Witch Bakery Brownie $2.95
Sweet Lydia’s S’more Bites $4.00
The Secret Chocolatier Chocolate Bark $3.25
Twenty Pixels Orange Glad Buttons ???
Box Retail Value $20.17

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Orange Glad team graciously provided a free box to one of my lucky readers. Enter below for your chance to win it! This contest is open for people with U.S. mailing addresses only, because shipping perishable food abroad is not allowed. Sorry!

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