NARS Yachiyo Blush Brush Dupe from Born Pretty Store

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I remember all the rage about NARS Yachiyo brush when it first came out, but not everyone has $50 to spare on it, even though brushes are definitely beauty investments and are worth splurging on, just like every girl needs one perfect LBD. There are now several dupes for Yachiyo, but the cheapest one I found is sold by Born Pretty Store, they call it Special Rattan Handled Powder Brush.

Special Rattan Blush Brush from Born Pretty Store

Special Rattan Blush Brush from Born Pretty Store – closeup

Special Rattan Blush Brush from Born Pretty Store – size

Just like Yachiyo, it has the same fluffy dome shape, and it’s also made with goat hair. This type of brush can be used for powder, but it’s true purpose is applying blush and highlighter. There are two ways to use it – circling motions with the tip of the brush along your cheekbone, which gives a soft, diffused look; and also with the side of the brush, which is actually the perfect width to give your face that chiseled effect and help fake the flawless bone structure. If you are one of those people who often overapply blush by accident, this type of brush might be the answer to your woes. It is incredibly lightweight, which makes it very comfortable to hold and to handle.

I can’t comment on quality differences between the two since I don’t own Yachiyo, but visually they differ a bit. First of all, Yachiyo has a plastic base, wrapped with wisteria [which is a very pretty bine], while Born Pretty Store brush has a wooden base, wrapped with rattan. Another difference is the shape of the dome – Yachiyo is more pointy, while Born Pretty Store brush is more rounded.

There were some minor flaws, but at $9 price point I didn’t expect this brush to be flawless. Main imperfection is shedding, which wasn’t very offensive, but still I’d lose a 2-3 hairs after each application. Second problem is washing: since this brush is made with wood and rattan, it might be hard to wash, because the water and soap will inevitably transfer from the bristles to the base. This can be avoided if you use special brush-cleaning solutions and sprays like Parian Spirit or beautyblender Cleanser, however, most of us here just use mild soap or shampoo+conditioner for natural bristles, like you would care for your own hair.

Overall, I think this is a pretty decent brush, especially for the price, but it definitely has flaws like shedding and limited cleaning options. The bristles are very soft, and the shape of the brush blends the blush beautifully to provide a diffused look.

$9.99 USD for 1pc. Available at Born Pretty Store. Use code AKH10 to get 10% off your purchase.

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