My Favorite Bath & Body Works Scents


My Favorite Bath & Body Works Scents

You’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t use room fragrances in some form or shape, whether it’s reed diffusers, wax melts, candles, room sprays, or scented plugins. I personally prefer scented plugins, with candles being a very close second, and Bath & Body Works is where I usually get most of mine at. Would you like to see my current favorites? My stash is not enormous at all, I mean it’s nothing compared to some of my friends who dedicate entire shelves and drawers just to store candles alone. Some of these wallflower refills I repurchase constantly, while others were limited edition seasonal items released a few months ago that I picked up to try.

I know some people prefer scents made by White Barn, while others favor the house brand Bath & Body Works creations. I don’t have a preference, and my stash is divided evenly between the two.

My Favorite Bath & Body Works Scents

My White Barn favorites include Lemon Mint Tea, Peach Bellini, and Watermelon Lemonade. I bought them in anticipation of hot summer months, but our summer turned out to be pretty mild this year, so I only started using them a couple weeks ago.

Lemon Mint Tea is super refreshing and actually smells like tea. It definitely helps me wake up in the morning, so I like keeping it in the bathroom. Peach Bellini has that sweet, peachy and sugary fragrance and the scent is quite powerful, so it works best as a living room fragrance. It really envelops the whole space! Watermelon Lemonade is my kitchen scent, it’s sweet and sugary but also has a little zing and freshness to it.

My Favorite Bath & Body Works Scents

My current favorite Bath & Body Works house brand scents include Beautiful Day and Japanese Cherry Blossom, both of which are brand’s classics and big time bestsellers. Beautiful Day has very clean, feminine scent that I use for my office. Oh, by the way, I have an office now! It’s just bones right now so there isn’t anything exciting to show you yet, but I’ll make a room tour post as soon as it’s decorated 🙂 My other fave is Japanese Cherry Blossom, that I repurchased many times in the past. It’s the perfect scent for the hall/entryway space, because it’s slightly floral, but crisp and not overpowering. It creates a nice contrast to the public area inside our apartment building, but doesn’t hit you on the head the second you walk in. It’s super delicate, and I bet it would work well for the bedroom, too! I also bought several Hawaiian Hibiscus refills because I loved the scent at the store, but I quickly grew tired of it so I don’t think I’d repurchase.

You can purchase Bath & Body Works products at Bath & Body Works online store and retail locations. Use Ebates if shopping online for extra cashback!

What are your favorite Bath & Body Works scents? Do you prefer room sprays, reed diffusers, wax melts, scented wallflowers, or candles? Let me know in the comments below!

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