Loving Lately: New Molton Brown Rosa Absolute Sumptuous Bathing Oil

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Molton Brown Rosa Absolute Sumptuous Bathing Oil, Review of The Collection

Loving Lately: New Molton Brown Rosa Absolute Sumptuous Bathing Oil

I love writing about Molton Brown on this blog, these are the products I am always genuinely excited to use and that passion tends to show in my reviews. After all, this is the brand that makes my favorite rose-scented body wash! Speaking of roses, you might remember me talking about Rosa Absolute Collection last fall when the line first came out. The company recently introduced additional products to their existing collections, and the Rosa Absolute family got three new members – Sumptuous Bathing Oil, Single Wick Candle, and Three Wick Candle.

A couple weeks ago I received a beautiful package with some of my current favorites, and also the new Molton Brown Rosa Absolute Sumptuous Bathing Oil to try.

The first things that comes to mind is “Wow, it’s heavy!”  *The bottle, not the fragrance…

This beautiful bath oil comes in its own signature decorative box, and the reason the bottle is so weighty is because it’s actually made of thick glass. I was surprised that a shower product would be packaged in a glass container, but I suppose it’s not unheard of, considering that some of my favorite bubble baths came in tall glass bottles, too. For that reason, you probably don’t want to store it in the shower, just in case.

Molton Brown is famous for their amazing fragrances, and this one is by far one of the best they’ve created. Rosa Absolute collection carries the name of its star ingredient, but the fragrance is definitely not your plain old rosewater. The perfumers masterfully combined Italian rose oil with blackcurrant, geranium, and patchouli, giving a modern twist to this timeless classic. I bet that some people who normally don’t like rose scented things might actually enjoy this bouquet.

Molton Brown Rosa Absolute Sumptuous Bathing Oil, Review of The Collection

Molton Brown Rosa Absolute Sumptuous Bathing Oil

Bathing is one of my favorite things to do when I feel like I could use a little pampering. A nice soak also helps ease my migraines, so I’ve grown to appreciate this me-time even more. Thirty minutes in the tub filled with warm water and mounds of fluffy bubbles, nourishing oil, or a fizzy fragrant bath bomb, is all it takes to make me feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and focused again.

I like to take my baths Japanese-style, in two steps. First, I take a shower and exfoliate dead skin cells with a scrubbing mitt. Once my body is clean, I rinse the tub, and fill it to the top with hot water and my favorite bath product. Bath oils, like Molton Brown Rosa Absolute Sumptuous Bathing Oil, work more effectively on clean skin, because they nourish it and seal in the moisture, without having to break through the barrier of dead skin cells. I used this oil about 5 times now, and each time it left my skin soft, fragrant, and glowing. My tub is pretty standard as far as the size goes, and a cap-full [roughly a teaspoon] of oil was enough to fully enjoy the aromatherapy and skincare benefits. You may adjust the amount based on the size of your tub and personal preference.

Molton Brown Rosa Absolute Sumptuous Bathing Oil, Review of The Collection

Molton Brown Rosa Absolute collection is a decadent treat for anyone who loves rose-scented products. Each of the items adds a touch of elegance, and transforms your bathroom into a luxurious SPA. I can’t say that any of these products contain groundbreaking and innovative formulations, that’s not what Molton Brown is about. These products introduce a hint of timeless luxury to mundane daily routines, and awaken the senses with masterfully blended fragrance notes that evoke vivid dreams, memories, and emotions.

Molton Brown Rosa Absolute collection is available at Molton Brown, and Nordstrom.

Have you tried Molton Brown products? Do you like rose-scented skincare? Let me know in the comments below!

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