Modcloth Stylish Surprise Haul and Review

Remember, at the beginning of October I posted about Stylish Surprise promotion from Modcloth? I placed an order for two mystery bags that day and received them that same week. I know some of you were wondering what’s in these bags, and the answer is: fabulous leftovers from past seasons. Let’s say, they first feature a Spring collection, then at Summer it goes on sale, and whatever’s left at the end of Fall they put in these grab bags. The reason some of these lovely items are still not sold out after 6 months is not bad quality, it’s usually the high price. If you checked out the Sale section at you would see that they have some pretty expensive clothes there, even after all the discounts.

Note: I don’t really have a good place to photograph large objects in my apartment, so the best I could do is to hang the dresses over my closet door 🙂 I hope you don’t mind the weird uneven background!

In my mystery bags I scored two very lovely dresses, both of which are luckily true to size. The first one is made by an Australian brand SunnyGirl, and retails for $52.99. At first I wasn’t very excited when I unpacked it, because it reminded me of my Mom’s clothes from the 70’s, but when I put it on I realized it’s totally my style! This is sooo not something I would ever buy for myself, not even on clearance, but this dress fits me like a glove and looked just super darling. It’s made of thick cotton, so it’s very snug and not stretchy at all, but it feels comfy like a thick Hanes tshirt, and while Hanes might not be something you want to associate a pretty dress with, I always liked the quality of their inexpensive cotton. The stitching is very good and straight, the zipper in the back was very easy to use, and the inside of the dress is fully lined with a layer of thinner white cotton material. I can even put a top over this dress so it looks like I’m wearing a fun skirt.

My second dress is made by BB Dakota: it’s called Giles Dress and the retail value of this baby is $65.00, but I’ve seen it on sale at Gilt and a couple other sites for half off. I really like the resent trend of shorter front and lower back on skirts and dresses, I think it looks light and refreshing, and very flattering. This dress runs a bit big in the waist area, which can be easily fixed with a belt. The material is 100% polyester, and even though I prefer natural materials, I will still wear this one since I have it now.

I think I got my money’s worth and then some, and I hope next time I can catch Accessory and Shoe mystery boxes on sale. Those two sell out almost instantly, so you have to not only be on the email list, you better be one of the first people to receive that email. I will make sure to let you know when the next wave of Stylish Surprise bags goes on sale, which will most likely happen in March! 🙂

Did you purchase a Stylish Surprise grab bag? What did you receive? Did you like what you got?