New Subscription for K-Cup Lovers – Mixcups

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Do you own a single-cup coffee brewer, like Keurig? Then you probably love the convenience of being able to make single servings of your favorite beverages without having to brew the whole pot. But how do you know which K-cups to buy, since you can’t really try them all? As it turns out, now you can!

mixcups subscription box reviewHOW IT WORKS: For $28.95/month Mixcups subscribers receive a variety of 30 tea or coffee k-cups to try. If you happen to fall in love with a particular blend, it’s easy to buy via Mixcups online store. Click here to check it out.

mixcups subscription box reviewSince I’m mostly a tea drinker, I chose to try their tea selection. Usually the choices are pretty bland wherever I go, because everyone around me prefers coffee, so I either have to bring my own tea bags or drink what’s available. This also made me realize that I should probably stock up on more coffee varieties for entertaining, because when people come over I only have one bag of Community Coffee and a couple Millstone roasts to choose from, so it’s kind of a pot meet kettle situation.

Mixcups would solve both of my problems: I could always carry around an assortment of tea k-cups, and also offer a variety of blends and drink types to my guests without having to splurge for a whole bunch of retail-sized boxes. Win-win!

mixcups subscription box reviewIn my shipment I got 10 different types of tea [or 3 k-cups of each type], including black, green, and herbal blends. There were some brands I tried in the past, but never knew came in a single cup format, and others that were new to me. From the ones I tried so far there were two that stood out – Higgins & Burke Chamomile and Orange Pekoe, that I plan to re-purchase. The chamomile was strong and fragrant, and orange pekoe had proper bold flavor and delightful aroma that can rival freshly brewed whole leaf tea.

mixcups subscription box reviewOverall, I think Mixcups is onto something here, since single cup machines are becoming more and more common in households across the country. Considering the usual price for a box of k-cups [about 60-70 cents per cup when buying in bulk], $28.95 for an assortment of 30 doesn’t sound bad at all, and helps discover new favorites, as well as stock up on a variety of teas and coffees for entertaining.

Do you have a single cup brewer? What are your favorite single cup teas or coffees?

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