Memebox Global #7 Review, Pictures, Unboxing


Why does it feel like I just reviewed a Memebox? Oh wait, that’s because I did! Memebox released a crazy amount of boxes since it launched the Global program, because the demand was always so much higher than the supply. Every single Memebox sold out within days, and sometimes within hours [like this box #7 over here], so each one I review from now on is most likely no longer available.

Memebox Global is not a typical subscription service. They periodically curate boxes filled with assorted beauty products popular among Koreans, and those Limited Edition bundles are sold on first come first serve basis. Prices vary depending on the type of the box. Memebox ships internationally, so make sure to check on their website and see if they ship in your country – chances are they do. All themed boxes tend to sell out fast, so by the time you read this review this particular box might not be available for sale anymore.
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Memebox Global #7 – contents

a;t fox Black Tea Makeup Designer Kit

a;t fox Black Tea Makeup Designer Kit – contents

Catrin Natural 100 Mineral Sun Kill SPF42 PA++

Recipe by Nature Slowganic Cleanse Pods (left to right) – Green Tea, Adlay, Lemon

Recipe by Nature Slowganic Cleanse Pods

Miseenscene 2X Curl Essence

Leaders Insolution BIO Medi-curing Aqua Dressing Mask

Dr.G Bio-RTx Mentor Cream #5

Miseenscene 2X Curl Essence – This is supposedly a leave-in hair treatment that also acts as a styling product, and as you might have guessed from the name, it’s aimed to help hold the curls. I haven’t used this one yet because I rarely curl my hair, but I look forward to trying it out eventually.

Leaders Insolution BIO Medi-curing Aqua Dressing Mask – I totally had a barbarian moment when dealing with this mask! I opened the packaging and took out the mask, which comes in three sheets, and my first thought was “oh how cool, those Koreans sure came up with some crazy stuff! Now they’re making three-layered sheet masks!” I applied that sandwich to my face and had the hardest time spreading it, before eventually giving up, because it didn’t fit my face at all. I pick up the packaging to throw it away and notice the fine print in English explaining that only the middle part is the actual mask…. Who needs to read instructions, am I right? :))

Dr.G Bio-RTx Mentor Cream #5 – There were variations of this sample, and I received one for dry skin. Mine is actually combination, but i wanted to try it anyway, and guess what? It didn’t feel all that rich, which is kind of what I was expecting from a nourishing cream. The formula spread well and got absorbed super fast, so someone with my skin type can definitely use this one. I gave it to my hubs because he just ran out of his moisturizer, and I’m in the process of testing one anyway, so he will get more use out of this one.

a;t fox Black Tea Makeup Designer Kit – Now isn’t this kit just adorable? The packaging is very unique: it’s a darling square tin with a picture of a fox sipping on a cup of tea and doves flying around. The kit includes three Color Eye Designer Pencils in Velvet Pink, Blind Red and Golden Khaki; Eyeline Designer Pencil in Urban Black; Lip & Cheek Designer Pencil in Rose Beige; Nail Sticker Strips and nail file. I didn’t even touch this kit yet, maybe I’ll review it individually some day, we’ll see.

Recipe by Nature Slowganic Cleanse Pods in Lemon, Green Tea & Adlay – These marshmallows are actually cleanser samples, how cool is that? They remind me of LUSH fresh cleansers, and they’re used the same way – pinch off a small piece, foam it up with your palms, and rub it into the face. So far I tried the lemon and adlay varieties, but both of them made my skin feel almost squeaky clean.

Catrin Natural 100 Mineral Sun Kill SPF42 PA++ – Aw yeah, a sunscreen, and I never had one like this! It’s basically a mineral foundation/setting powder, which is 100% natural. The jar is equipped with a nice big puff that also acts as a dispenser. On the product card, Memebox recommends just dipping the puff into the powder, but I thought that way it picks up way too much product, so I’ll stick to just using as much as the puff dispenses naturally when you shake it. The powder feels absolutely weightless and does not emphasize my pores or lines. It will definitely be my staple product!

I mean, I rave about Memeboxes all the time, but guys, seriously, how can I not when I love everything about them? My favorite products from this one so far are Recipe marshmallow cleansing pods, Catrin mineral sunscreen powder and the sheet masks. I didn’t even try the hair product or the makeup kit yet, and I bet I will like both of them! So far every single Memebox has been totally worth it for me, and considering the pace they sell out at, I can’t be the only one who feels that way 🙂

Have you tried Memebox yet? Do you have any favorite Korean skincare or makeup products?

Product Retail value
Miseenscene 2X Curl Essence $2.00
Leaders Insolution BIO Medi-curing Aqua Dressing Mask x2 $6.00
Dr.G Bio-RTx Mentor Cream #5 $14.00
a;t fox Black Tea Makeup Designer Kit $23.00
Recipe by Nature Slowganic Cleanse Pods x3 $12.00
Catrin Natural 100 Mineral Sun Kill SPF42 PA++ $38.00
Box Retail Value $95.00

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