Memebox (미미박스) Global #13 Review, Pictures, Unboxing

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In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been totally snoozing last week. I don’t know, it’s like there’s something in the air that made me want to take a few days off blogging and just enjoy doing other stuff, especially now that Summer is coming to an end. For those of you who live somewhere warm, like Florida or Cali, this might not be the end of the world, but I’m dreading the return of the cold season here in Michigan.

I received my Memebox Global #13 a while ago, but never got around to actually taking a closer look at it and trying anything until very recently. Numbered box editions have always been my favorite, and I can’t believe I didn’t feel like playing with it as soon as it arrived! Talk about mood swings, am I right? 🙂

P.S: Sorry for the drop in picture quality, I’ve been having some technical difficulties with my camera and the editing software.

HOW IT WORKS: Memebox is not a typical subscription service. They periodically curate boxes filled with assorted beauty products popular among Koreans, and those Limited Edition bundles are sold on first come first serve basis. Prices vary depending on the type of the box. At this time Memebox ships to USA, China and Korea. All themed boxes tend to sell out fast, so by the time you read this review this particular box probably won’t be available for sale anymore. Click here to see available boxes.

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23 Years Old CX Detoxifying Air Therapy – This looks oddly familiar, doesn’t it? I remember getting a similar-looking syringe in my Mask Box #3, and surely enough, it was that same brand. I actually didn’t like that last product much because it made my nose and cheeks feel like I was continuously stung by bees , but hopefully this one is different. Since there are no English instructions anywhere on the package, Memebox provided them on the insert card.

They say this carboxy pack is made with carbonated water, sort of like a syringe full of pop, except it’s a gel. The card says to apply this gel on clear skin, then cover it with included mask sheet, and wait 20-30 minutes, then wash off with warm water. Carbonated beauty products are very popular in Korea, because they’re believed to instantly draw dirt and bacteria out of the pores and off the skin surface. I watched a South Korean talk show where they talked about bubbly products being especially great for people who have to spend a lot of time in the city, because they help clear the skin of even the tiniest smog particles. Snake oil? Who knows, we’ll see.

Donga Tempo Eco Natural Tampons Super Absorbency – I’m as baffled as you are right now, and yes, this is in fact a box of Korean tampons. After the initial shock reaction, I actually kind of want to try them now, because these are supposedly made with unbleached organic cotton, which is better for overall feminine health, I guess?

This box is also a small piece of Korean history! Don’t believe me? Well, Donga was the first company in Korea to produce tampons back in 1970s, and now they are one of the leading sellers of high quality feminine products in that part of the world. It’s a tried and trusted brand among Korean women. The only problem with this is that not all women who buy Memeboxes have monthly visits from Aunt Flo, so I can see why some of them would be very disappointed. However, I think it’s no different than receiving a product with an ingredient you’re allergic to [like a lavender body wash or something], because there’s always someone willing to use it instead. One place that will surely be thankful for these is a local women’s shelter.

CNP Cosmetics Derma-Scalp Shampoo – This brand makes my favorite Cleansing Perfecta, so I have high hopes for any cleansing product that comes from them, since they seem to know what they’re doing.

Memebox card says this shampoo basically acts the same way as a facial cleanser. Instead of washing the hair, it will work on purifying the scalp, making sure every little pore on my head is clean. I used a similar shampoo from Aveda, and I remember that it really made a difference at the time. I didn’t use this one yet, but I unscrewed the cap to smell it and see what it looks like, and the fragrance was sort of herbal and minty, so I bet it will make my scalp feel nice and cool.

CNP Cosmetics Tone-Up Protection Sun SPF 42 – Another CNP product, and another winner for me. I actually used this sample way before I wrote this review, and by the time you read this, the tube will probably already be finished.

What I like about this sunscreen is the powdery finish. It’s not overly moisturizing, but still emollient enough to spread over my face evenly, without leaving my combination skin looking shiny. The cream itself actually looks pale peachy pink straight out of the tube [I can’t translate the ingredients, but that’s what zinc oxide usually looks like], and blends out without leaving any traces of tint. It does have that typical sunscreen smell to it, so that could be a turn off for some, but I honestly don’t mind.

Yufit Eon Wheat-Germ Cream 75 – Every time Memebox includes a full-sized product in one of their cheaper boxes, I always feel like it’s just some cheapo low-end drugstore quality stuff, like Nivea or something. Not that I’m hating on Nivea, I grew up with those blue round tins, so I have very fond memories of it, but more often than not cheaper price tag comes with worse ingredients. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that this moisturizer is all kinds of awesome.

It has very thick, paste-like consistency, and light grassy fragrance, that doesn’t seem offensive at all. I think even people with very strong scent sensitivities wouldn’t be bothered by it. Now, when something feels like a thick paste, I immediately assume it’s loaded with a ton of silicones. Wrong again. Thanks to a wonderful ingredient translation by a fellow blogger, it turns out there aren’t any at all. Memebox says that over 75% of the cream consists of organic wheat bud extract [it was the first ingredient, followed by shea butter], that works to hydrate, firm, and brighten. They really promised more than that, but I only listed what I think is realistic claims. Right now this moisturizer is a bit too rich for my skin, but I will save it for Fall and Winter. I used it on my lips though and I have to tell you, it works better than any lip balm! If you can get your hands on this moisturizer and you happen to have super dry and chapped lips, give it a shot.

Soy BIO Plus Fermented Lumpoule – I was just talking about Korean beauty brands mashing words like that to sound fancy and more effective, but never in a million years did I think anyone would come up with “lumpoule”. I mean, seriously? And yes, the words that birthed this abomination were really “lump” and “ampoule”, however it’s not the kind of lump we’re all thinking about.

Soy BIO used Korean fermented soy bean lump, which was known for centuries as an anti-aging and brightening treatment. I don’t think I’ve ever used anything with that ingredient before, but fermented cosmetics are hot in Asia right now, so it feels nice to try something trendy. This ampoule looks like water, feels like water, and smells like nothing.

Nuganic Customized Sun Base Color Control Cream – This was another full-sized product in the box, but I already knew that I like this brand, and based on previous experience would probably enjoy this product, too. Memebox sent two variations of this CC cream: some subscribers received the Sun Base version with SPF50+ while others got one with Snail Extract instead. I honestly would have been happy with either one.

This CC cream color corrects itself to match the wearer’s skin tone. I think it did a pretty decent job, and the shade turned out just a bit orangier than I like, but I’m sure no one but me would notice anyway. It provides light non-buildable coverage which is good enough to evening out the skin tone, but not so much for masking imperfections. Sounds like it’s also good for the skin, because it contains various plant extracts.

According to the ingredient list, the formula contains hyaluronic acid, aloe juice, tea tree, rosewater, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, black currant and other easily recognizable oils and extracts.

Can’t say this was the best numbered box to date, but the variety of products was seriously good. Even though the whole thing with tampons and “lumpoule” was quite shocking, I’m still intrigued to try everything. It’s hard to tell what my favorites are here because I couldn’t give anything a thorough test run yet, but I suspect I will really like the shampoo, lumpoules [lol, can’t help laughing], and wheat germ moisturizer. As always, Memebox inflated some of the prices on the printed product card, but I seriously don’t care, because inflated or not, these boxes are always packed with 2-3 times the value, so there’s really no need to convince us that they’re a good deal. I wish Memebox would get that already. For my product values below I use more realistic numbers found through other online retailers.

What did you think about Memebox Global #13? Did some of these products give you a good laugh, too?

Product Retail value
23 Years Old CX Detoxifying Air Therapy $22.47
Donga Tempo Eco Natural Tampons $2.00
CNP Cosmetics Derma-Scalp Shampoo $2.15
CNP Cosmetics Tone-Up Protection Sun SPF 42 $6.85
Yufit Eon Wheat-Germ Cream 75 $48.00
Soy BIO Plus Fermented Lumpoule $24.85
Nuganic Customized Sun Base Color Control Cream $40.00
Box Retail Value $146.32

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