Memebox (미미박스) Global #12 Review, Pictures

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I received a whole bunch of Memeboxes all in one day so I’m slowly getting to review them all one by one. Today I’m showing you what came in my Memebox (미미박스) Global #12. Numbered boxes and Luckyboxes usually have the best value and a great overall mix of products, so my expectations were set very high. Now let’s see if Memebox Global #12 lived up to them 😉

Memebox Global is not a typical subscription service. They periodically curate boxes filled with assorted beauty products popular among Koreans, and those Limited Edition bundles are sold on first come first serve basis. Prices vary depending on the type of the box. Memebox ships internationally, so make sure to check on their website and see if they ship in your country – chances are they do. All themed boxes tend to sell out fast, so by the time you read this review this particular box might not be available for sale anymore.
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Inter-cos Smooth Sensitive Removal Cream – It’s been ages since I last used a hair removal cream, so this will give me a good excuse to try it again. The reason I stopped is because I don’t find them terribly effective, especially for legs, but I might try it on my arms and face instead. This cream comes in a spray bottle so it’s actually really easy to apply. I admit, I haven’t tried it yet, but I plan to very soon.So far I only unscrewed the top to smell it, and it smells AWFUL, but not any worse than other hair removal creams. Let’s hope this stench doesn’t linger!

Banila Co. Claypatra Mineral Salt Clay Pack – I actually heard about this mask! I remember seeing a review on some blog and thinking that I would really love to try it, so I was really happy to see this sample jar in my Memebox. It’s a natural clay mask, rich in Dead Sea salt and minerals; the instructions say to apply it for 15 minutes and wash off to reveal brighter, cleaner skin. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

Plagentra White Mark lotion, Cream & Massage Gel – Plagentra is a mommy+baby company; they make products for all stages of motherhood from pregnancy to post-partum and infant personal care. Memebox sent us a sample pack with assorted stretch mark products, including a massage gel, rich cream and a lightweight lotion in addition to a nice travel-sized tube of the cream. Personally, the only product that helped very slightly with my stretch marks from constant weight fluctuations was StriVectin, but I’ll use this one anyway without expecting too much

Palan Crysence Organic Essence – At first I thought this was a face product, but turns out it’s a hair treatment for nourishing dry hair. Memebox card listed it at $72 [are you serious??], but I looked it up and found out that in Japan it costs 3,000 yen, which is around $29. The bottle looks pretty fancy, with a sleek black tube and a pretty silver pump top. This serum smells like pineapples, and makes my hair feel super soft!

L.Vida Nail Polish in Aqua Green – I think this is a great color for Summer! I’m pretty excited to sample Korean nail polish; so far I’ve only tried one of these from Etude House, and it would be nice to compare the quality. Each bottle is adorned with a little flower that can be worn as a ring. It’s not my style of jewelry, but I bet it would look adorable on the right person. I will be posting swatches separately some other day.

Ryo Anti-Hair loss Treatment – I thought this would be another leave-in treatment, but it’s actually a rinse-off conditioner. I think this is one too many hair products for me, but I’ll still use it. I tried it once so far and it has a cooling effect on the scalp, which feels really nice in the Summer.

This box wasn’t bad or anything, but I definitely felt a little disappointed with the selection. First of all, as much as we all like hair products, two in the same box is a bit too much, wouldn’t you agree? Also, things like hair removal spray and stretch mark cream can rub some people the wrong way, although it’s certainly something different from the usual sunscreen/toner/moisturizer lineup.  I’m also not a huge fan of Memebox inflating the values of their samples on product cards, so I pretty much ignore those and hunt for values myself. This box didn’t feel as exciting as other Memeboxes I got, but this is the first half-dud out of 12 that I have received to date, which is why I’m okay with it.

Have you tried Korean skin care before?

Product Retail value
Inter-cos Smooth Sensitive Removal Cream $43.00
Banila Co. Claypatra Mineral Salt Clay Pack $1.82
Plagentra White Mark lotion, Cream & Massage Gel $6.78
Palan Crysence Organic Essence $29.51
L.Vida Nail Polish in Aqua Green $5.20
Ryo Anti-Hair loss Treatment $1.00
Box Retail Value $87.31

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