Scratched Off My Wishlist – MAC Lovelorn

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I rarely buy MAC, mostly because I feel like they’re a tad overhyped, however, there are certain products of theirs that I had on my wishlist forever, like MAC Lovelorn. Out of all MAC lipstick formulas, Lustre has always been my favorite finish, for that youthful flush of color that doesn’t require precise application to look nice.

MAC Lovelorn Swatches & Review >> | via @glamorableMAC Lovelorn is part of the permanent line of lipsticks, so I know that it’ll still be there if I use up my bullet and decide I want another one in the same shade. Described on MAC website as “emotive blue-pink”, this is definitely a cool-toned color. Lately, I’ve been rocking warm shades more often, with the exceptions of pinks – I still think that cool-toned rosy hues make the look extra innocent and girly [isn’t that what pinks are for?].

MAC Lovelorn Swatches & Review >> | via @glamorableLike all MAC Lustre lippies, this shade looks different on the lips than it does in the tube, because the finish is more sheer, and allows the wearer’s natural color to peek through. Since my lips are very poorly pigmented, most lipsticks, even the sheerest ones, show up almost true to color, as was the case with Lovelorn. Just like other Lustres I tried, this one provides a hint of beautiful sheen to the lips, and almost looks like it’s topped with lip gloss, which is very flattering.

MAC Lovelorn Swatches & Review >> | via @glamorableThe staying power is the only downside, which is to be expected of sheer buttery formulas. On a regular day, I can maybe squeeze out 2 hours of wear time before I have to reapply, and that’s without eating or drinking, so for someone that wants their lip color to last all day I would recommend checking out lip stains. I personally have no problem reapplying throughout the day though, so it’s not a huge problem for me.

MAC Lovelorn Swatches & Review >> | via @glamorableSwatch reference: My skin tone is between MAC NC15 and NW15 with neutral undertones. Sometimes I can wear NW20 in the Summer. I thought this would be useful to know, since all screens show colors differently, and I also don’t have a studio setup with consistent lighting. Hope that helps!

MAC Lovelorn Swatches & Review >> | via @glamorableOverall, I am so glad I got it! Every time I wear Lovelorn, I feel and look younger; there’s something in that pink that brings up my best features [and clearly, confidence, because here I am tooting my own horn, lol ;)].

WHERE TO BUY: $16 for 0.1oz. Available at MAC, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Dillard’s, and MAC counters.

What is your favorite finish of MAC lipsticks? Do you have a go-to pink lip color? Let me know in the comments below!

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