L’OcciBox by L’Occitane: Winter 2014

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L’Occitane‘s inaugural L’OcciBox was a very hot commodity that sold out pretty quickly after it was released. As I expected, there were several bugs and setbacks, and everyone whose order got canceled had to re-purchase their boxes with adjusted non-stackable coupons, and fixed shipping price, if they still wished to do so. From what I read on some blogs and forums, a lot of people were so unhappy, they swore to never buy anything from L’Occitane again. As for me, I’ve been a customer for 15 years, and built up some brand loyalty, so ditching them at this point is not going to happen, unless they do something really drastic [akin to those rumors about Revlon’s CEO]. But I digress…

L'occiBox by L'occitane Unboxing & Review >> http://ow.ly/GYtH9 | via @glamorable

To create their first ever sampling box, L’Occitane collaborated with ELLE Magazine and their resident illustrator, who designed prints for the nail file, four mini hand creams, and the Limited Edition makeup bag. In addition to that, all boxes contained sample sachets of Immortelle Divine Cream, and travel-sized versions of Almond Supple Skin Oil, Shea Butter Body Milk, Immortelle Precious Cleansing Foam, and Arlesienne Hand Cream from the brand’s newest collection. One hundred randomly selected boxes came with a special surprise – a one-year subscription to ELLE Magazine. Unfortunately, I was not among those lucky ducks this time around, but there’s always next quarter.

L'occiBox by L'occitane Unboxing & Review >> http://ow.ly/GYtH9 | via @glamorable

Right, speaking of quarters. In case you missed my first announcement of this box, L’OcciBoxes are going to be released quarterly, with the next one due in Spring 2015, most likely early March. Each box will include a mix of best-selling products and brand new items, and feature a different collaborator. Can’t wait to find out who will be the next one! Any guesses?

L'occiBox by L'occitane Unboxing & Review >> http://ow.ly/GYtH9 | via @glamorableAfter being a L’Occi-fan for so many years, I already tried everything from the permanent lineup, so the only new discovery was Arlesienne Hand Cream, which smelled very sultry and feminine. It reminds me a lot of L’Occitane’s Pivoine Flora products that I always turn to for some sweet floral indulgence. By the way, the design of the outer cardboard box mimics the packaging of Arlesienne line, that features drawn saffron flowers, roses, and violets, stylized like fireworks. I think it’s very clever and artsy, and perfect for the season.

L'occiBox by L'occitane Unboxing & Review >> http://ow.ly/GYtH9 | via @glamorable

At this time there is no option to schedule a recurring subscription to L’OcciBox [I hope L’Occitane considers adding it at some point in the future], we will have to stalk the site and hunt it down again next time it’s released.

L'occiBox by L'occitane Unboxing & Review >> http://ow.ly/GYtH9 | via @glamorable

For $15 this box was a steal, considering the quality and the retail value of everything inside. I am beyond thrilled that L’Occitane went down the subscription box path: it’s a smart way of attracting new customers, as well as giving seasoned fans the opportunity to introduce their friends to the company, try new releases, and stock up on travel-sized versions of their favorites. Needless to say, I plan to purchase the next box as soon as it’s available.

$15 USD for 1 box. Available exclusively at L’Occitane online store and retail locations. You need to use the code DISCOVER to have the price adjusted in your cart.

Were you able to pick up one of these? 

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