Is Ultimate Youth A Reality With Racinne Ultimate Youth Power Serum & Cream?

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Racinne Ultimate Youth Power Serum & Cream Review, Pictures | via @glamorable #bbloggers #beauty #skincare #moisturizer #serum #antiaging #beautyproducts

Remember Racinne, the makers of my favorite eye serum? Today I’m bringing you a review of two new products of theirs I sampled in September: Ultimate Youth Power Serum and Ultimate Youth Power Cream. I finished testing them a while ago but had to catch up on some things first before writing this post.

Racinne’s Ultimate Youth Power line is designed with aging skin in mind. The products utilize an exclusive anti-aging formula of ginseng callus culture extracts [aka stem cells], cell messaging peptide SHDP-9 [derived from over 60 different peptides], powerful anti-aging agent Adenosine, and various plant extracts. These skin treatment are formulated to help promote the production of collagen and elastin, improve microcirculation to “liven up” dull skin, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Racinne Ultimate Youth Power Serum & Cream Review, Pictures | via @glamorable #bbloggers #beauty #skincare #moisturizer #serum #antiaging #beautyproducts

My experience with Ultimate Youth Power line started with the Serum. On their website, Racinne offers a very helpful chart with the order the products should be applied, and serum is marked as Step 3, after cleanser and toner. Personally, I follow a far more complicated skincare routine with an excessively large amount of steps, so for me Ultimate Youth Power Serum is Step 6 in the AM [number is much higher in the PM because of all the makeup removing balms and oils]. Crazy, I know. Here’s what my layers look like: daily enzyme exfoliating powder >> cleansing foam >> toner >> booster >> essence >> serum.

Racinne says this serum “works to firm the skin, reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and enlarged pores, brighten skin tone and reduce pigmentation, leaving the skin with a radiant and youthful glow.” 

Racinne Ultimate Youth Power Serum & Cream Review, Pictures | via @glamorable #bbloggers #beauty #skincare #moisturizer #serum #antiaging #beautyproducts

Every day for a month I applied two pumps to my face and neck AM and PM, gently patting in the formula to help absorption, and it always made my skin feel baby soft right after the application. I also noticed that it didn’t clash with any of my other skincare products, or with makeup, which is important for me, because I’m not going to change my entire routine for the sake of one single serum. Since I have combination skin, I had to make sure this serum doesn’t make it look oily, and it didn’t. Racinne recommends Ultimate Youth Power Serum to people with all skin types, except sensitive, but from the reviews it looks like even customers with chronic redness had positive results and experienced no irritation.

Racinne Ultimate Youth Power Serum & Cream Review, Pictures | via @glamorable #bbloggers #beauty #skincare #moisturizer #serum #antiaging #beautyproducts

Ultimate Youth Power Cream is designed as a nighttime treatment, but can be used in the AM as well if you have dry skin. It’s definitely richer than something I’d normally wear during the day, but I’m used to heavier formulas at night, since nobody sees my face and I can just relax and reap the benefits.

Racinne developed this “nourishing moisturizer to help repair and replenish damaged epidermal cells while providing nutrients to healthy cells.” Considering that our skin suffers daily from cellular damage caused by UV rays, pollution, and free radicals, this is exactly the type of product necessary to slow down the clock of time. If the damage is not repaired quickly, it’s going to be a lot harder to reverse the skin aging in the future.

Racinne Ultimate Youth Power Serum & Cream Review, Pictures | via @glamorable #bbloggers #beauty #skincare #moisturizer #serum #antiaging #beautyproducts

Like I said earlier, this moisturizer is definitely on the rich side. It comes in a large jar, which I prefer to keep in the fridge to preserve the efficacy of active ingredients. Jar packaging is tricky because it exposes the product to sunlight and oxygen each time you unscrew that cap, and also puts the formula at risk of bacterial contamination from constant finger dipping, which is why I always recommend moving a small amount of product into a smaller container using a clean dry spatula, and keep the rest in the fridge.

I started noticing first results around the second week of using Ultimate Youth Power Serum & Cream. My skin was looking plumper and brighter when I woke up, which I attributed to this new addition to my skincare routine. Someone once told me that skin gets used to certain ingredients, so I have to change my routine sometimes, and I feel like this one-month trial run was my much needed shakeup. Over the course of September, my pores became visibly smaller, and fine expression lines that are forming in the corners of my eyes and around my mouth are now non-existent or diminishing. The scars from hormonal acne breakouts [that oddly only affect one side of my face every month] are now mostly gone, too.

Racinne Ultimate Youth Power Serum & Cream Review, Pictures | via @glamorable #bbloggers #beauty #skincare #moisturizer #serum #antiaging #beautyproducts

Yes, I am only 30, and I’ve been using anti-aging skincare since I was in my early 20s, because I want to keep the aging process at bay the best I can so I have less skin issues to deal with later. There are some ladies in their mid-30s who tell me I shouldn’t be using anti-aging products just yet, but honestly, it’s none of their business what I do with my body. I’d like to think that I’m doing the right thing, and my future self will thank me later for all this hard work 🙂

Do you need this? If you think these two products are a good fit for your skin, you could always purchase a trial kit, available at It includes five days worth of Ultimate Youth Power Cream & Serum sample packets, and information about the line, all for $6.99. As for me, I found this duo both gentle enough to not cause irritation, and effective at diminishing the appearance of fine lines and acne scars.

Ultimate Youth Power Serum – $68 USD for 1 oz. Available at
Ultimate Youth Power Cream – $61 USD for 1.7 oz. Available at

When did you first start using anti-aging products?

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