Influenster Review: Bath & Body Works Fall Mini Candle

Here’s a more detailed review of Bath & Body Works candles. I received the smallest one in my Influenster “Beauty Blogger” VoxBox and bought the other two using the included coupon.

One of the items included in our Beauty Blogger VoxBoxes were these cute mini-candles from Bath & Body Works. Everybody received different flavors, mine came in Pumpkin Cupcake. It seemed a little weak but I thought it was due to the small size. When I put it next to my desktop I could smell the sweet pumpkin fragrance right away and it was delightful! I really wanted to buy the 3-wick version of it but they didn’t have it in the online store. I ended up buying Creamy Pumpkin instead because I thought it would probably be the closest.

Creamy Pumpkin Candle
This candle smells different from Pumpkin Cupcake. While Pumpkin Cupcake is more crisp, this one is more sweet and subtle. It has really good throw and really smells like sweet frosting on a warm pumpkin cake, it makes the whole house smell very welcoming.

Honeysuckle Candle
This is a different type of fragrance, it’s obviously floral and has very strong throw powerful enough to cover entire floor. It reminded me of a big bouquet of assorted flowers – peonies, roses, lilies – all together in one big bunch! I thought this candle worked great as a mood-booster!

Disclaimer: I bought the two big candles.