I’m Back!

I’m officially back from Florida!

I had a lot of fun checking out the museums and beaches and participating in local activities. Here are a few pictures of my adventures if you’re interested.

Also the pile above is what ten days of absence looks like in this house 🙂 I’m still sorting through them all as we speak so the reviews of this month’s boxes will be a bit delayed this time.

The lovely area we stayed at called Little Harbor.
Colorful berries at Little Harbor.
Wild manatees at Little Harbor.

Cute gazebo at Little Harbor.

Not sure what this lovely lady stole to build her nest but it’s clearly man-made 🙂
(At Little Harbor)

I don’t own telescopic lens, this pelican really let me get that close!
And it didn’t seem to be bothered by my presence at all.
(At Little Harbor)

A seagull, a pelican and a manatee walk into a bar…
(At Little Harbor)

Wild flowers at Little Harbor.

Bizarre beached creature which we later determined to be a Horseshoe Crab.
(At Little Harbor)

This guy couldn’t wait to get away from me.
(At South Florida museum)

Beautiful hand-carved ivory hairpin at South Florida museum.

Lovely native american beading at South Florida museum.

This is what a drugstore used to look like!
(At South Florida museum)

He did not like the taste of my camera and flew away soon after.
(At Lowry Park Zoo)

This horsie looked so friendly, I just had to pet him!
(At Lowry Park Zoo)

White ibis at Lowry Park Zoo.

Just chillin’…
(At Lowry Park Zoo)

Here and below: Bright flowers at The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art.