How to Have an Amazing Winter Staycation at Home

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How to Have an Amazing Winter Staycation at Home with NOW Foods

How to Have an Amazing Winter Staycation at Home

The holidays may be over, but that doesn’t mean you have to return to your daily grind right away. January is the perfect time to relax and recharge after weeks of celebrations, and a quick staycation might be just what you needed! Staycation is a broad term, but it usually means taking a break and enjoying a local vacation in your own town or area. My favorite type of staycation is, of course, being a tourist in my own town, and there are things I love to do locally that I don’t get to experience every day despite living here. Today I want to share some relaxing winter activities and rituals that leave me rejuvenated and ready to face the year ahead, and I hope they can help you get some ideas for your own staycation!


If you live somewhere where there’s snow, why not go sledding if weather allows? I bet you used to love it as a kid, and just like back then, it’s still free! When I recall my happiest childhood winter memories, sledding is always part of the fun. It’s not something I’d want to do every day as an adult, but it’s really fun once in a while – and it gives a good workout. You’ll need a pair of grippy shoes to walk back uphill, warm clothes, and a piece of cardboard or a plastic grocery bag to slide on.


Move over, movie nights, it’s TV binge marathon time! It’s a lot easier to find a couple hours in a week to watch a movie, than several hours to catch up on your favorite TV shows. That’s why falling behind makes me feel so hopeless sometimes – I always feel like I’ll never catch up if I happen to miss a few episodes. One of the things you could do on vacation is to curl up in front of the TV and have a binge marathon. In fact, my husband and I did just that recently; it’s our favorite pastime when we’re taking a break from adulting. 😉 Last time we made a big bucket of Organic Popcorn ($3.99) from scratch and it tasted so much better than the ready-made stuff. My husband likes to add shredded parmesan, olive oil, and pepper to his bowl, so his popcorn always tastes like focaccia bread. I like to experiment with different flavors; for example, last time I added ghee, seaweed furikake [Japanese rice seasoning mix], chili oil, and toasted sesame oil, and it was a pretty successful combination. Do you ever experiment with your popcorn flavors?

How to Have an Amazing Winter Staycation at Home with NOW Foods


Whenever I’m on vacation, I like to take my time cooking things for fun, instead of feeling the pressure of putting things on the table because it’s dinner time. Taking it slow and enjoying the process rejuvenates my love for cooking, and makes it feel less like a hamster wheel and more like a relaxing, cathartic experience. During my last break, I made a fresh batch gluten-free cookies using Living Now® Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix ($5.99) and they came out so yummy! You could make them fully vegan if you want, too – just replace the butter with your choice of cooking oil and egg with applesauce or flax meal & water mix. Who needs scented candles when your whole house smells like brown sugar, vanilla, and chocolate, right?


Despite growing up in Russia, I don’t like the cold and try to avoid being outside in the winter any longer than necessary. However, things are different on vacation! I put on my warmest jacket, grab my trusted Yeti mug, fill it with Cocoa Lovers™ Organic Hot Cocoa ($10.99) and head for a walk along the snow-covered dunes to watch the icy waves on Lake Michigan. It’s such an interesting contrast, too, because our town is filled with tourists during the summer months, so it’s rare to see the beach so empty. I encourage you to pick a sunny day and take a walk among nature, whether it’s a park, a coastline, or a hiking trail. Don’t forget to bring a hot drink to keep yourself warm! 😉

How to Have an Amazing Winter Staycation at Home with NOW Foods


Do you know what SPA stands for? Contrary to popular belief, it’s not an abbreviation for “sanitas per aquam” and has no roots in Latin – this commonly used self-care acronym is only a few decades old. The word is actually derived from the Belgian town of Spa [called Aquae Spadanae back in the Roman times], and has been colloquially used to describe mineral springs resorts since the late 16th century. The more you know! 😉 There’s no right and wrong way to self-care, but if you plan to have a SPA day, there’s a trick to make it extra relaxing: take it slow.  Slow down your movements and treat every moment with intention, carefully massaging body oils, lotions, and creams into the skin. Take a bath or a long shower and run an aromatherapy diffuser to surround yourself with your favorite scents. I tried all diffusers from NOW® Solutions and these two are my favorite, based on their aesthetics and performance. Ultrasonic Glass Swirl USB Oil Diffuser ($44.99) features a hand-blown glass dome that looks gorgeous in person – pictures don’t do it justice! It has a shorter run time of 5 hours and will make a great addition to your home office. Ultrasonic Ceramic Stone Diffuser ($49.99) has a sleek, luxe appearance and can work for very long periods of time – up to 14 hours – so it’s best suited for rooms where you want it running all day. I have two: one in the living room that runs during the day and another one in the bedroom I leave on overnight. Not sure which essential oils to try? NOW offers this informative guide so you can learn how to choose the best EOs for your lifestyle.

How to Have an Amazing Winter Staycation at Home with NOW Foods


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Do you like staycations? What’s your favorite winter vacation activity?

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