My H&M Summer Haul

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H&M Summer Haul

Lately I’ve become obsessed with H&M, and it’s not like I’ve never shopped there before, but I definitely didn’t order anything for a while. My excitement was reignited when I bought a couple home decor pieces a few weeks ago, and since then I couldn’t keep myself from checking the site every time their email newsletter landed in my inbox. H&M recently had a 2-day sale on certain summer styles and accessories, and I needed a new swimsuit anyway, so I decided to treat myself to a little summer haul.

Before I even looked at swimsuits I really wanted to check out black poncho with fringe [available here] that a model in the email ad was wearing. All of my beach coverups are pretty much terrible and I’m due for a new one, plus she looked so good in it. It was marked half-off so buying it was kind of a no-brainer. The poncho comes in one size and it’s fairly wide so it can fit a wide range of body shapes. I can’t think of a way to wear it outside of the beach, but it’s definitely a classy looking cover!

I need a new pair of shorts like I need a hole in the head, but I couldn’t take my eyes off these pompom-trimmed shorts [available here]. Tiny pompoms on clothing have been on trend for about 2 years now, and I still haven’t bought a piece like that even though I find them utterly adorable. I was eyeing a few pompom and tassel-trimmed things when Target had a collab with Lilly Pulitzer, but everything in my size was always sold out! It was an amazing collection though and I hope they do it again, but with larger stock. Anyhow, these shorts turned out to be super comfy and flattering. They have a stretchy band at the top and overlapping tulip hems at the bottom that make this piece look more like a skort. The shorts come in several beautiful color variations, but I picked B&W precisely because they are monochromatic and don’t scream “beach”, which makes them more universally wearable.

What I really need is a good one piece swimsuit, but I can’t buy those without trying so I think I’m due for a retail shopping trip sometime soon. However, I have no issues picking out bikini pieces, especially if I can buy them separately in different sizes for top and bottom, which is not unusual for most women. I chose this adorable pink ruffled bikini top [available here] and matching bikini bottoms with ties [available here], and they fit me perfectly. The top is fully lined and padded, so it actually provides decent support, and the lined bottoms feel like they are thick, sturdy, and not see through even when wet [don’t you hate when that happens?].

I was a few bucks short of free shipping so I also picked up this light coral jersey tank top [available here]. The fabric is really soft – 100% cotton – and it just feels very summery [it comes in a cool light blue color, too!]. The top looks relaxed and casual, and I thought it would be perfect to wear with my new swimsuit. It totally works!

Last but not least, I also bought a pair of cheapie plastic tortoiseshell sunglasses [available here], but they actually weren’t part of this haul. I added them to get free shipping on my home decor purchase, and they turned out to be narrower than I thought. If you have a narrow or small face these might work for you, but mine is a bit wide so they don’t look like I envisioned them. I can kinda pull them off but I definitely pictured them bigger and more substantial.

hm summer haul

If you follow me on Snapchat, you might have seen me wearing these already! Here are a couple photos of the sunnies, the tank top, and the shorts. You can also kinda see the bikini peeking through.

Next on the agenda: to try H&M beauty products. I hear nothing but good things about the blushes, and the minimalistic honeycomb packaging of those compacts is so gorgeous! Have you tried those yet?

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Have you tried H&M makeup? Did you do any beach shopping this year? Let me know in the comments below!

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