Getting Ready for the Oscars

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The Academy Awards is this weekend, on Sunday February 28th! Those of us who care deeply about the movie industry are already trying to guess who will get the coveted statuettes in certain nominations [will Leo finally get one?], fashionistas are anxious to see all the couture gowns, and beauty bloggers are anticipating some glorious hair, nail and makeup inspiration for months to come.

Getting Ready for the Oscars with BabbleBoxx #BabbleBoxx

Whether you’re among the lucky few to actually attend the event, going to a viewing party, or planning to watch it in the comfort of your home, you can still get red carpet ready with these fabulous products carefully selected by BabbleBoxx!

Clarisonic Mia FIT #BabbleBoxx


Clarisonic Mia FIT [$189 for 1 device, available here] is the ultimate cleansing device, which took the company five years to develop. The result – new Mia FIT, a #1 cleansing device recommended by dermatologists.  You can take this portable beauty tool anywhere: throw it in a gym bag, a carry-on or a purse, and use any time you want to achieve clear skin on the go. Like all Clarisonic devices, it cleanses the skin 6x better than hands alone, so your beauty products absorb more effectively. Note that this is not an exfoliating device, it simply helps remove the dead skin cells naturally shed throughout the day, so don’t skip those peels and scrubs 😉

Clarisonic Mia FIT #BabbleBoxx

Mia FIT has two power settings: 60 second delicate cleanse that’s perfect for sensitive skin, and 80 second power cleanse for thoroughly removing sunscreen and waterproof makeup. It’s designed for all skin types, and is gentle enough to be used up to two times daily. Mia FIT comes in three shades – pink, white, and teal – and they’re all so pretty, so I am having a hard time picking a favorite.

Capri by Vince Camuto #BabbleBoxx


Capri by Vince Camuto [$82 for 3.4 oz, available here] is the new floral-fruity fragrance from Vince Camuto fashion house. It’s a scent with mediterranean fleur that inspires wanderlust and makes you dream of vacation. Capri joins her sisters Fiore, Bella and Amore as part of Vince Camuto’s fragrance collection with bottle and packaging design that naturally fits in with the rest. The scent is contained within a beautiful blue sea glass bottle inspired by the waters of Mediterranean Sea, an intricate silver cap adorned with a bright turquoise satin ribbon, and a metal medallion that represents the crest of Vince Camuto fashion house. Alright, I totally want to travel now. #MeetMeinCapri, you guys!

  • Top notes – Violet Leaves, Juicy Pear, Pink Grapefruit
  • Heart – Red Frangipani, Peach Blossom, Violet Flower
  • Base – Musk, Vanilla

Baby Foot #BabbleBoxx


Baby Foot [$25 for 1 kit, available here] is a product I first came across 2 years ago, and was so intrigued by it I even got it as part of a Christmas present for my mother-in-law. In a nutshell, Baby Foot is a foot peel that looks like a pair of plastic socks that you wear for about an hour. During that time a special mix of AHAs and BHAs from 17 different natural extracts soaks through your rough calluses and naturally starts the exfoliating process. About 3-7 days later your feet will start peeling, and the process might take anywhere from 7 to 14 days to finish, depending on how dry your skin is. Tip: Soak your feet 30 minutes prior to Baby Boot application. Once the peeling begins, don’t remove the dead skin cells forcibly and let the process finish naturally. The final result – sandal-ready silky soft feet!

ZzzQuil #BabbleBoxx


Waking up in the middle of the night unable to fall asleep again is the worst! From the makers of Vicks NyQuil, ZzzQuil [$6.99 for 6 oz, available here] is my new toiletry case staple, perfect for getting that beauty rest when I’m having a hard time catching the sheep and need to bring the A-game in the morning. This non-habit-forming sleep-aid is designed to help with occasional sleeplessness, so you can sleep soundly and wake refreshed, ready to #BringYourBest face forward.

What products would you use to get red carpet ready? Do you plan to watch the Oscars this year? Are your fingers crossed for someone in particular? Let me know in the comments below!

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