Essie Mojito Madness

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Do you ever open a purse that you haven’t used in a long time just to find your favorite meal bar staring at you from the side pocket, and then you get that feeling where you kinda want to eat it because it looks good, but you aren’t sure if it’s way past its expiration date?

essie "Mojito Madness" swatches and review >> | via @glamorable

Yeah, this question totally applies to today’s post, because I found these swatches of essie Mojito Madness in my folder and they must’ve been sitting there for a looooong time, because I don’t even remember when I took them. Are they outdated? Well, I guess this polish is still sold in stores, but the color is so out of season. Still, if I don’t post it now, I don’t think I ever will.

essie "Mojito Madness" swatches and review >> | via @glamorable

Mojito Madness came out as part of essie’s Summer 2012 Collection, and the company describes it simply as lime green. Well, by looking at it, I guess it does seem a bit like a lime, especially with those yellowish undertones. I think if I layer it with some red accent nails and golden glitter top coat, I could make it more Christmassy, so it’s not that out of season, although I could go for a nice poolside mojito in a chilled glass right now.

All essie polishes are free from formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP.

$8.50 for 0.46 oz. Available at Ulta, Target, salons, and select drugstores.

Enjoy your weekend, ladies!

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