Diptyque Jonquille

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Diptyque Jonquille Candle

Originally purchased on sale at Hautelook, Diptyque Jonquille [$62, not available anymore] was my gateway drug into the world of luxury candles. I’ve since expanded my Diptyque collection with several more candles and a bottle of perfume that I bought at regular department store prices. Jonquille was released a couple years ago to celebrate the beginning of spring, drawing inspiration from delicate daffodil flowers.

Diptyque Jonquille Candle

Like most Diptyque candles, Jonquille is quite strong. After opening the box, I kept the unused candle in my pantry, and it managed to make the entire space smell like daffodils overnight. When lit, Jonquille produces an interesting bittersweet floral fragrance that feels very natural. It’s like smelling a real bouquet of spring daffodils on a hot day. The throw is moderate: after an hour of burning the living room is fully enveloped in the scent, but it doesn’t quite reach the bedroom.

Diptyque Jonquille Candle

According to Diptyque, Jonquille smells like daffodils, moss, and honey, but to me it reads like daffodils and their green stems. Maybe my nose is fooling me? Either way, it’s rare to find a candle or another room fragrance with this unique note, and even harder to find one that doesn’t smell overly chemical [daffodil overdose is a real thing, I tell ya]. Diptyque perfumers managed to turn this simple flower into something majestic, and I am just so glad I gave it a blind try.

At the time of this blog post this particular candle is not available for sale anymore, but you can browse other Diptyque products at Diptyque Paris, Barneys, Neiman Marcus, and Nordstrom.

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Have you tried Diptyque fragrances before? What is your favorite candle? Let me know in the comments below!

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