Christian Louboutin Loubitag II Nail Polish Duo

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Christian Louboutin Loubitag II Nail Polish Duo Miss Loubi and Bollidonna (swatches + review)

Christian Louboutin Loubitag II

I am not liking 2018 so far – bad things keep happening to my family and I feel completely powerless, unable to do anything about it. Because of all the stress I find it hard to blog lately, but I thought I would still share beauty bits now and then so I don’t get rusty. I shared some of these photos on Instagram a couple weeks ago, and today I decided to write a quick blog post too, since not all of you follow me on IG [nor do I expect you to].

This was my first time trying Christian Louboutin nail polish. Paying $50 for a bottle is still a bit shocking, and I didn’t know what to expect. I could easily dish out 3x as much for a jar of face cream or a really nice makeup brush, but I could never bring myself to spend that kind of money on a nail polish. However, I was still curious to see how it performs and if it’s any different from other brands I like.

Christian Louboutin Loubitag II Nail Polish Duo Miss Loubi and Bollidonna (swatches + review)

Christian Louboutin Nail Polish in Bollidonna (left) and Miss Loubi (right).

Loubitag Nail Polish Collection is a limited edition release that features three nail polish duos that come in a keepsake box with artwork hand drawn by Christian Louboutin himself. Christian dedicated this collection to his customers who always inspire him to push further while staying true to the core values of the brand. Each box contains two mini bottles from the Pops collection. I chose to try Loubitag II ($60) that comes with Miss Loubi, a ‘vibrant coral pink’, and Bolidonna, a ‘bright berry violet infused with red’.

I liked Bolidonna way better in the photos online. Something about the color didn’t want to play well with my skin tone, so I gave up on trying too hard to pull it off ‘because it’s Louboutin’. I will say though, the formula was an absolute pleasure to apply. It’s easily a one-coater, and the polish goes on totally streak-less in a couple smooth quick brush strokes.

Miss Loubi on the other hand was absolutely gorgeous! It’s bright and fun, and totally me in a bottle. It’s a coral red creme with a bit of spunk. I can see wearing this one to a black tie event and to the beach, with jeans and an LBD. I stuck with this one on my nails for a good week, and didn’t see any chipping – only some minor wear at the tips, which is normal for any non-gel polish.

I didn’t know how I would feel about the long pen-like handle, but it actually made it easier to apply the polish, especially on my toes.

Christian Louboutin Loubitag II Nail Polish Duo Miss Loubi and Bollidonna (swatches + review)


I’m still not sure these are worth $50, but designer goods rarely are worth the asking price. However, both polishes in Loubitag II were genuinely excellent, and if some of you really-really want a Louboutin nail polish in your collection, at the very least you won’t be disappointed with the quality. I wore Miss Loubi at least three times so far, and I really like it. The color stays on my nails looking glossy and vibrant until it’s time to remove, and the formula adds just enough thickness to the nail to even out any surface ridges and imperfections without making it look like I applied 20 coats.

Do you consider yourself a nail polish collector? Have you tried, or would you like to try Christian Louboutin nail polish? What is the most you’ve ever spent on a bottle of nail polish? Let me know in the comments below!

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