If You Splurge on One Thing This Month, Try Chanel Le Signe du Lion Highlighters

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Chanel Le Signe du Lion Or Rose, Or Blanc Swatch, Review - via @glamorable #chanel #luxurybeauty #makeup #highlighter #strobing

Treat Yourself to Chanel Le Signe du Lion Highlighters

Are there any beauty products that you never seem to get tired of? Highlighters is one category of makeup that I absolutely adore. I always tend to get too many, and then end up using only 1-2 for weeks on end before changing to something else. I recently had the opportunity to try both shades of the new Chanel Le Signe du Lion highlighters, and guess what? Now they’re all I use!

Chanel Le Signe du Lion ($70) is a limited edition release exclusive to Chanel.com, so if you are interested in treating yourself to one of these, you probably want to purchase sooner than later as Chanel exclusives tend to sell out fast. The highlighters come in limited edition burgundy compact with a fully functional mini-brush. If you travel a lot, having one less brush to pack can come in handy.

Chanel Le Signe du Lion was released in two shades:

  • Or Rose – rose gold
  • Or Blanc – pale gold

Chanel Le Signe du Lion Or Rose, Or Blanc Swatch, Review - via @glamorable #chanel #luxurybeauty #makeup #highlighter #strobing

Swatches top to bottom: Chanel Le Signe du Lion Or Blanc, Or Rose, mix of two.

First of all, you can’t help but notice the beautiful lion molding of the highlighters – it looks classy and regal. I was worried that the design would disappear after I use the product a few times, but the firm texture of these highlighters protects the surface well. Pressed powder products that feel stiff in the pan usually offer poor color payoff, but Le Signe du Lion is a pleasant exception. Whether using the included brush or one of my own, I was always able to pick up a good amount of powder without much effort.

Sometimes the performance varies from shade to shade, but these two were consistently similar in terms of pigmentation, longevity, application, and the overall feel on the skin. The formula goes on like a thin veil, giving the skin noticeable satiny shimmer without emphasizing pores or looking too shiny. This is not a highlight you will see from space, it’s more of a candlelit glow, which looks flattering on most people of all ages. There are no big shimmery particles, it’s more of an all-over dewy glow that makes the skin look smooth.

You will LOVE these if:

  • You prefer glowy shimmer without noticeable particles.
  • You have rough skin or enlarged pores. These powders visually blur them!
  • You are a Chanel collector. These are gorgeous and so different from what the brand has done in the past.
  • You are new to Chanel. If you splurge on one item from the brand, these highlighters are right there at the top of my personal top 5.

You will HATE these if:

  • You prefer the trendy ‘highlight from space’ strobing look.
  • You are on a budget. Chanel is a luxury brand and their products are priced accordingly.
  • You are sensitive to any of the ingredients.

Chanel Le Signe du Lion Or Rose, Or Blanc Swatch, Review - via @glamorable #chanel #luxurybeauty #makeup #highlighter #strobing Chanel Le Signe du Lion Or Rose, Or Blanc Swatch, Review - via @glamorable #chanel #luxurybeauty #makeup #highlighter #strobing Chanel Le Signe du Lion Or Rose, Or Blanc Swatch, Review - via @glamorable #chanel #luxurybeauty #makeup #highlighter #strobing Chanel Le Signe du Lion Or Rose, Or Blanc Swatch, Review - via @glamorable #chanel #luxurybeauty #makeup #highlighter #strobing


Chanel is a luxury brand, but even among Chanel products these highlighters feel like an extra special treat. The detailed lion molding of the pans, the burgundy case, and the silky smooth finish on the skin is what made Le Signe du Lion my go-to for effortless glow. Now that I’ve been spoiled by these, it will be really hard to switch to anything else.

I would say these are probably worth the splurge. Because they can look very similar on the skin, I would recommend picking up the one you like the most, then then decide if you need the other shade. But whichever one you choose, I think you won’t be disappointed. I’ve been seriously impressed with the formula and the packaging of Chanel Le Signe du Lion, and in my opinion this is probably the best product I tried from the brand so far.

Have you tried Chanel face products before – powder, blushes, highlighters? What is your favorite makeup category to splurge on? Are you Team Strobe or Team Glow? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Those compacts are beautiful!

    • Chanel packaging is such a classic 🙂

  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    Absolutely beautiful! Love the brushes too. What a smart idea to mix them for a third option

    • Thank you Allison! I figured, Chanel collectors would probably buy both even though they look similar on the skin. Mixing them is another good color option 🙂

  • BeautyJudy

    These are luxurious! I love splurging on Chanel – this may need to be my 2017 splurge!!!

    • Can’t go wrong with Chanel, it’s such a classic.

  • Jen Sky Walker

    I’m addicted to highlighters and can never have enough, even if the hubby says otherwise, lol! I didn’t even realize these had a lion print until you pointed it out. I though it was just a nice bohemian-esque floral or something.

    • Likewise, highlighters are my weakness. I’ve been using these a lot lately.

  • Kristi Vasquez

    I love highlighters, I tend to splurge every so often on high end, but pass on Chanel due to her past.

    • It’s nice that there are so many other splurge-worthy brands to choose from these days!

  • Those really look luxe and pretty

    • Chanel packaging makes them look a million bucks.

  • marciaf

    Those are really beautiful. The colors look whisper soft but effective. What a luxury gift this would make too.

    • They are definitely not screaming shiny. I think they would look very elegant on women of all ages.

  • Georgia Geary

    What a stunning little collection! They seem to be well worth the splurge from what you’ve said- and good idea to point out sensitivities to products. It’s something many forget (I’m guilty of it myself!) but is quite important

    • Thanks for the feedback, love! Individual product sensitivities are usually responsible for skin irritations from products that are otherwise loved by many. I had bad reactions to things that all of my blogger friends recommended all because a single ingredient.

  • Nice packaging!

  • omggg you are totally making me want these

    • I’m making myself want these, lol

  • Phyrra Nyx

    Beautiful swatches! I would definitely try one if they were cruelty free!

    • Thank you! I like that these have a very soft, fine texture that doesn’t emphasize pores and lines. Hopefully Chanel switches to CF soon!

  • I love the design on them – good to hear it doesn’t disappear! I’ve lost count of the powders I’ve stopped using for fear of the pattern disappearing. Or Rose is a stunner of a shade!

    • Yep, same here, I stopped using several LE blushes because the cute pattern was gone haha.

  • The packaging and design is so beautiful. I am inlove with that gold shift. I would totally splurge on these.

    • Both are beautiful! I think Or Rose would look especially stunning on you.

  • These look so lovely! I like a subtle highlight, so I think I’d love these 🙂

    • Same here! I used to like screaming highlight, but lately it’s all about the soft glow.