Giveaway: Win Two Bottles of Evian Facial Spray

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I always carry a large spray bottle of Evian water in my purse to make my makeup look freshly applied. Want to know how I do it? I use this trick taught to me by a MUA friend: spritz Evian Facial Spray on my face for a few seconds, holding the bottle at least 10″ away from the skin, then gently buff in using a large stippling brush, and voila – your foundation looks like new! I may or may not need to touch up the blush after this, depending on what formula I’m using that day, and sometimes I also dust a little but of translucent powder to set the base.

evian facial spray, giveawayHave you tried Evian Facial Spray before? Now you have a chance to win one of 20 2-pack sets, and all you need to do is enter by submitting your info here [because those widgets are finicky and sometimes don’t want to show up]. View Post