Bad Beauty Habits To Break in 2015

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I’m not really a New Year resolutions girl, because if something pops up in my mind, I usually just do it right then, so I approached today’s “Resolutions” linkup from another angle. Introducing a list of five common bad beauty habits and my suggestions on how to break them. Let’s see how many we can get rid of this year!


I don’t have to tell you that it’s an unsanitary habit [come on, do you really wash your hands every time before you take a bite?], so better save that “just bitten” look for your lips, not for your nails. Keeping your digits polished with nude color at all times will make your hands look neat and you will be less likely to bite them. If your nails are naturally thin and bendy like mine, an extra coat will also keep them from breaking and splitting.


I am guilty of this one partially. I always wash my foundation brushes, but very often forget to wash the blush brush. Maybe that’s why I keep getting breakouts on my cheeks. Dirty brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria, so ideally they should be washed after every use. Use special brush cleanser or mild soap and only wash the bristles, then lay flat to dry on a towel or use one of those brush trees. Do not submerge your brushes in the water! It damages the ferrules and makes the bristles more prone to shedding. That’s also the culprit behind wobbly brush heads.


Oh, you know me, I’m a sunscreen maniac, and even wrote a wall of text on why I’m so diligent about it. I think everybody needs to apply SPF every day if they want to keep their skin looking its best. Even if you spend all day indoors, you are still getting a dose of sun’s rays every time you pass by a window, and trust me, that exposure adds up over time. Opt in for moisturizers and body lotions with SPF, and your future self will thank you.


Sleeping on a dirty pillow case is a bigger beauty crime than not washing off your makeup, because even if you remove it properly, your pillow case will ruin all your efforts by rubbing old oil, dust, and bacteria back into your skin. Regardless of how often you change the sheets, pillowcases should be washed at least once a week. If you do laundry more often than that, just throw it in with the same color clothes and watch those breakouts disappear.


Guilty as charged! While I try to replace my mascaras every 3-4 months, I hold on to those old lipsticks, blushes, and powders like they are national treasure. Unfortunately, most creamy makeup turns into petri dishes after 2-3 years, and maybe it’s time for me to toss those 8 year old foundations. I bet I haven’t used them for about that long, anyway.

I can think of a dozen more bad beauty habits, but I feel like those huge lists always tend to get overwhelming. Try to break at least 2-3 of these and your skin will thank you!

What one bad beauty habits do you really want to break?

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