Amazing Natural Fragrances for Your Body & Home

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Amazing Natural, Non-toxic, Clean Fragrances for Your Body & Home | Amayori Rotenburo Air, Hinoki Onsen Home Essence, Provision Resonance Eau de Parfum

Switching to clean beauty for a month meant more than just swapping out my old skincare. My fragrances had to change as well, since the majority of them were using synthetic compounds that EWG, Think Dirty, and other experts in the field consider toxic. However, essential oils that natural perfumes are usually made with, are also considered to be potentially sensitizing. If you belong to the anti-EO camp, then you can easily skip this post, because today I wanted to introduce you all to three amazing natural fragrances I’m using right now to scent my body and home.

1 // Provision Resonance Eau de Parfum – Is this the third, or the 4th time I am mentioning this fragrance already? Well, I sure am addicted to it, so you will probably see me talking about it even more. This is a brand new boutique, niche beauty line that also includes three fragrances, and so far I only tried Resonance. The notes include Cork absolute, Spanish Labdanum, Olibanum, and Vanilla absolute, and it’s the loveliest blend! I believe I called it “a hug in a bottle”, and rightfully so. The sappy, balmy notes make me feel safe and calm, while the spicy ones are immensely comforting. I want to note the exceptional longevity of the blend: once sprayed on dry skin, it lasted on me well through the next day, and until I took a shower. The fragrance retained at least half of the initial strength, which is really impressive if you consider how long a typical synthetic perfume lasts. That’s the power of essential oils for you! And because this is a natural blend, you can see the murky botanical debris condensing at the bottom of the bottle after some time, so I would recommend shaking it before each use.

Provision products are natural, botanical-based, globally sourced, non-GMO, and proudly made in the USA. Available at Mills Pharmacy online, and in select stores.

Amazing Natural, Non-toxic, Clean Fragrances for Your Body & Home | Amayori Rotenburo Air, Hinoki Onsen Home Essence, Provision Resonance Eau de Parfum

2 // Amayori Rotenburo Air Botanical Perfume Oil – I feel like I don’t talk about Amayori often enough, even though I absolutely adore their products. To be honest with you, I was just being greedy. It’s kind of like discovering a new favorite restaurant, then leaving a glowing review on TripAdvisor, and suddenly you can’t get a table. No more of that, pinky promise! Ever since I met the creator of Amayori Francoise Decatrel, on Instagram, I felt an instant connection with her philosophy and her brand. The idea of taking time for myself through bathing is very close to my heart, because this was my favorite way of relaxation ever since I was in my early teens. Inspired by the Japanese bathing rituals, Amayori products are sophisticated, elegant, and traditional, but with a modern twist.

Rotenburo Air collection came out in October last year, if I remember correctly. It was inspired by the rejuvenating experience of Japanese mountainside open-air rotenburo baths. Visiting one of these traditional baths is on my to-do list when Mr. Glamorable and I finally take a trip to Japan, which is going to be a once in a lifetime experience. But I digress… Rotenburo Air is a perfume oil that comes in a dark, tall roll-on bottle to protect the delicate botanicals from sunlight. The bouquet includes notes of Yuzu, Wild orange, White pine, Balsam fir, Monarda and Frankincense, and it just makes you want to close your eyes and breathe deeply and slowly. It’s a unique fragrance as much as it is an indulgent aromatherapy blend, and those who are into SPA-like, nature-inspired scents will definitely appreciate this one.

Amazing Natural, Non-toxic, Clean Fragrances for Your Body & Home | Amayori Rotenburo Air, Hinoki Onsen Home Essence, Provision Resonance Eau de Parfum

3 // Amayori Hinoki Onsen Home Essence – Amayori recently added ultrasonic diffusers and home scents to their main line, and they are as sublime as the rest of the products! I asked Francoise if I could try Hinoki Onsen, which happens to be my favorite Amayori fragrance of all time. I love to surround myself with it, but not necessarily wear it, which is why the home essence makes the perfect addition to my house. You know what I do? I add 5-6 drops to my bedside diffuser and it works wonders as a relaxing bedtime aromatherapy ritual. To scent an entire room it takes about 10-15 drops, but this blend is so potent, it works better than any candle. Hinoki Onsen blend includes Japanese Hinoki essential oil, bittersweet Bois de Rose, floral Sambac Jasmine, and zesty Red Mandarin. The sappiness of the Hinoki oil adds an unusual twist to this fairly traditional feminine fruity-floral blend, and I just can’t get enough of it. Out of all Amayori fragrances, Hinoki Onsen gives my body and mind the strongest aromatherapy response. I could easily describe the scent, but I can’t even put into words how it makes me feel. Calm? No, it’s more than that. It’s like I am meditating, without actually meditating. Does that make sense? I hope it does, because I am at a loss for words here, and in this case that’s a good thing, I think.

Amayori offers a samples of all of their fragrances, including Hinoki Onsen, in this special bag filled with fragrance minis, so you can experience them all and find the one you like.

Amazing Natural, Non-toxic, Clean Fragrances for Your Body & Home | Amayori Rotenburo Air, Hinoki Onsen Home Essence, Provision Resonance Eau de Parfum

I hope you enjoyed discovering my current faves! I have other natural fragrances in my stash from LURK, and kai that I like, but I don’t use them nearly as often. LURK BS003 is a bit too subtle for my taste right now, although it’s a great no-fragrance fragrance on my skin when I do wear it. kai Perfume Oil is a cult classic, adored by Hollywood stars like Jennifer Aniston, Charlize Theron, and Nicole Kidman. It’s a very strong floral fragrance with a dominant gardenia note, but I am more into woodsy and spicy scents these days, so I haven’t worn it in a while. I wear fragrance based on my mood that day, so I guess I just wasn’t in the mood for these two lately.

Have you tried natural fragrance before? Have you ever tried making your own? Let me know in the comments below!

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