AHAVA Dead Sea Crystal Osmoter X6

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AHAVA Dead Sea Crystal Osmoter X6

I loved the original Osmoter concentrate when it was first released, so I’m super stoked to try AHAVA Dead Sea Crystal Osmoter X6 [$74, available here], an intensive treatment serum that provides a multitude of anti-aging benefits, addressing fine lines, wrinkles, and dehydration to reveal more youthful-looking skin.


The Osmoter™  contains some amazing micro and macro elements that work wonders to revitalize the skin! This exclusive blend of Dead Sea minerals offers the ultimate solution for skin that shows signs of UV damage, pollution and lifestyle damage, dryness, wrinkles, and loss of elasticity.

The Osmoter™ contents:

  • Magnesium 92,000 mg/l
  • Calcium 35,000 mg/l
  • Bromine 14,000 mg/l
  • Sodium 2,700 mg/l
  • Potassium 2,100 mg/l
  • Strontium 670 ppm
  • Boron 120 ppm
  • Lithium 40 ppm
  • Manganese 10 ppm
  • Barium 9 ppm

AHAVA Dead Sea Crystal Osmoter X6


AHAVA recommends warming up a few drops between your fingers to activate the concentrate, then gently massage the serum into your skin using light pressing motions. Personally, I love patting in my products because usually I have several layers of skincare on my face so I don’t want to risk smudging everything. Works like a charm!

AHAVA Dead Sea Crystal Osmoter X6


Beauty oils play a major role in my skincare routine, and I always use one at night regardless of the season. A small amount is all it takes to greatly increase the benefits of my beauty products, so I try to never skip this step, not even in the summer. AHAVA Dead Sea Crystal Osmoter X6 is an oil-serum that comes in a tall glass bottle with a dropper applicator. The dropper picks up too much product, but you really need no more than 3 drops to thoroughly cover neck and face. This serum is like a SPA in a bottle: even though it’s not unscented, something about that warm, slightly herbal fragrance is incredibly relaxing.

I’ve been using AHAVA Dead Sea Crystal Osmoter X6 serum for about 10 days as part of my evening routine, and every morning I woke up with soft and radiant-looking complexion. I even dared to go out without wearing foundation, and I’m usually super conscious about my skin [hubs says it’s all in my head, but my magnifying mirror disagrees]. At this time I’m going to put it away so I can finish the currently open bottle of Tatcha camellia serum oil sitting on my night table, but this one will be next in line. Considering how sensitive my skin’s been lately, I think this one is a winner!

You can purchase AHAVA Dead Sea Crystal Osmoter X6 at Nordstrom, Ulta.

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Have you tried any AHAVA products? Do you use skincare with Dead Sea minerals? Let me know in the comments below!

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