YUNI – When Beauty Meets Yoga

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New cosmetic companies launch practically every day, but this one is quite different. Founded by Emmanuel Ray and Suzanne Dawson, YUNI is the first natural beauty brand designed to enhance the yoga practice. Made with ethically sourced high quality plant ingredients from all over the globe, each of these exquisite skin, body, and hair care products create a sensory “anchor” that reconnects the user with their yoga experience.

YUNI Skincare Review - Beauty For The Yogi. Click through for more pictures! >> | via @glamorableI suffer from chronic migraines, and yoga was among the things recommended to me by my neurologist to soothe the symptoms. The only products I used after my classes at that time were wet wipes and a refreshing mist, but looks like YUNI has the whole range things an aspiring yogi might need in their bag! View Post