Mani Monday: Zoya “Skylar”

Here I am again with my belated and boring one-color Mani Mondays! This week I’m wearing Zoya Skylar. It’s a steel blue colored polish with a softened, dusty look and speckled by visible gold and silver shimmer flecks, and like all glitter polishes it has a slightly grainy finish. If you want it to be glossy you should put a layer or two of your favorite top coat. I didn’t use one, and this is how my mani ended up looking 🙂

I looks really pretty in the light during the day, especially when the sun is out. I took these pictures near the window so you could see for yourself how sparkly it is. By the way if anybody is curious about any dupes for this polish, the closest I could find is OPI “I Have A Herring Problem”, but it’s more on the gray side instead of the blue.

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