AM Routine: Using Micellar Water Instead of Cleanser

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AM Routine: Using low pH Micellar Water Instead of Cleanser

I don’t know if you guys follow any other skincare bloggers and youtubers, but for a long time many of them have been advocating a very different morning skin cleansing approach. They say the best way to wash your skin in the morning is by using plain water and nothing else. After all, you don’t have any makeup or sunscreen to remove, so why dry it out unnecessarily with surfactants? Or at least that’s the general idea behind this advice. Now, I tried this method and it didn’t work for me as well as I’d hoped. Tap water is slightly alkaline, so yes, it is sufficient to remove the traces of my evening skincare and the small amount of excess oil accumulated throughout the night. However, I felt like it still didn’t remove the oils well enough, so instead I decided to try cleansing with micellar water. View Post