Paul & Joe Beaute: Cats & More…

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Paul & Joe Beaute Cat Shaped Lipstick & Summer 2018 Collection Swatches, Review |  Powder Blush 005 Heat Wave, Treatment Lipstick 401 , Moisturizing Foundation Primer S 01 Dragee ,  Beauty Mirror

Thoughts on Paul & Joe Makeup (swatches, reviews)

You’ve probably seen adorable viral cat lipsticks and blushers on Instagram, right? Those are the most popular creations of Paul & Joe Beaute; a beauty line from a French clothing brand that promotes quirky, fun, and effortless chic aesthetic. I’ve been drooling over them for years, but never took the plunge because often products that focus on cute packaging tend to somewhat lack in quality. I can’t speak for the whole range because I only got to try a few items that I was most interested in, but every product in this roundup was an absolute delight to use. View Post