I Spent An Entire Day at The Beach and Didn’t Get a Tan

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How to avoid tanning, sun safety tips, and bestorganic sunscreen - via @glamorable

The Most Sun-Proof Beauty Products in My Stash

Nope, this is not one of those clickbait headlines aimed to make you look only to be left disappointed. That really happened, you guys, and not on a plain ol’ cloudy day, but on a 90-degree cloudless boiler! As some of you may know, my mom and sister were visiting from Russia, so one day they decided to go to the beach and we ended up spending an entire day there. As a sunscreen-obsessed vampire, the idea of getting a tan was terrifying, so I brought products that I knew were the most sun-proof in my stash. The result: 6 hours at the beach [most of it out in the sun and playing in the water] with zero tan lines at the end of the day! View Post